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    Luxury Car Valeting Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

    GRP Structural Flooring

    Project Overview

    Demanding automotive applications demand high performance materials, and by offering a complete design and supply of this GRP raised flooring project (including pedestals and connections), we devised a compelling offering that helped our customers unlock the power of composites for their automotive projects.

    GRP raised flooring that withstands required loadings.

    Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) Mini Mesh and Solid Top d² Dura Grating proved to be the ideal raised flooring solution for this luxury car valeting centre and car workshop thanks to its lower cost, weight saving and improved visual inspection capability versus previous generation grating.

    The Dura Composites raised flooring solution used in this project was a full design and supply system, incorporating both the raised pedestals, floor grating and mounting system. The unique d² Dura Grating design also allowed for improved visibility of the substructure below, offering a clear view of draining liquids from the valeting process from a much wider range of angles than were previously achievable. d² Dura Grating also features Dura Composites most advanced anti-slip surface ever – and in an industry first, is fire-rated to Class Bfl-s1 as standard (BS EN 13501-1).

    Even in the toughest of automotive environments, our grating is able to meet the challenging demands of chemical resistance, water drainage, impact resistance and long-term durability. With an unrivalled performance-to-weight ratio, it is easy to manually handle and install using standard hand tools and can be supplied in a variety of mesh sizes and colours to help designate separate car and pedestrian usage and create safe working environments. With in-house Structural Engineering and CAD capability, we can offer technical guidance on product selection to ensure the design and installation is in accordance with the required performance specification.

    Our clients have been so impressed with the in-built features of d² Dura Grating. Not only is it much lighter to handle than other previous generation GRP grating, but the innovative design allows for better performing raised flooring thanks to the improved drainage capability, enhanced visual inspection and excellent anti-slip performance in both the wet and dry.

    Amy DeCort

    Dura Composites

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