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    Johnsons Hotel Linen, Essex, UK

    GRP Access Ramp

    Project Overview

    Our new d² Dura Grating ramp means easy access to facilitate the smooth flow of linen and laundry carts, enabling efficient loading and unloading of materials at this hotel linen wash. This contributes to streamlined operations and faster processing of linens.

    A well-designed access area for linen carts.

    Johnsons, one of the UK’s largest hotel laundry and linen providers approached Dura Composites with a project challenge. In order to maintain operational efficiency, the company wanted to create a new ramp structure to allow for swift deliveries of fresh linens and pickup of soiled ones using trolleys and carts.

    Bespoke GRP ramp replaced the poor off-the-shelf solution.

    The previous off-the-shelf metal ramp solution was too narrow and was proving hard to use. We were able to devise a safe and robust all-weather solution using our gritted GRP grating with its fantastic strength-to-weight ratio.

    Despite its bespoke nature, the new GRP ramp was incredibly cost-effective and will last for decades. Employees can now navigate the facility without obstacles, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries associated with moving heavy linen carts and machinery.

    Mini Mesh GRP grating is highly resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for outdoor applications such as this where exposure to the elements, such as rain and sunlight, could degrade traditional materials or cause metals to rust.


    Johnsons Hotel Linen


    Dura Composites Ltd


    Mini Mesh 45mm


    Design & Engineering
    Specialist Cutting

    We were in desperate need of a sloped ramp to gain access to our building with our trollies as the current one was not fit for purpose. We needed something safe and strong with low impact to production and one that didn’t puddle in the Winter. Which is why we turned to our friends at Dura. They were able to provide an anti-slip solution that we were able to install instantly. Working with Danielle was so easy, she had everything sorted for us straight away and was able to answer any questions we had. We will definitely be using Dura again when we need more access ramps.

    Neil Danes

    Engineering Manager at Johnsons Hotel Linen

    CO15 4XA

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