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    IFA2 Converter Substation, Fareham, UK

    GRP Fencing, Trench Covers & Handrail

    Project Overview

    Contractor Morgan Sindall was appointed to design, build and commission the new converter station and chose to work with Dura Composites to provide safe, non- metallic Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) utility fencing for the AC/DC Halls, as well as a range of non-conductive access structures, utility trench covers & handrailing across this National Grid site.

    Protecting high-risk areas at a converter station.

    The IFA2 project aims to connect the electricity systems of Great Britain and France using high voltage subsea cables and will be capable of exporting or importing 1000MW of power between the UK and France, enough to power up to 1 million homes.

    In this project, the client specification mandated the use of non-conductive and non-metallic materials which could be used to construct removable fencing, permanent fencing and sliding gates to enable access to specific authorised personnel, whilst preventing others from accessing high-risk areas. With a wealth of detailed technical information about its product range based on real-world testing criteria, Dura Composites were able to provide crowd loading data, span information and technical drawings to support the overall Morgan Sindall document control system requirements for the project. With a visually appealing mesh design which permits continuous airflow, Dura Composites’ safety fencing can be pre-assembled off site for rapid installation or supplied in component form.

    Also in this project, our open mesh and pultruded Dura Grating proved the ideal trench cover alternative for heavy steel and concrete. Our ingenious mechanical lifting system eliminated the need for heavy plant machinery whilst ensuring accessible inspection at all times. With a large variety of trenches which varied in load, span and ventilation requirements, we were able to provide extensive design support to ensure that the resulting covers met the required load ratings.

    A combination of moulded open mesh, pultruded open mesh and pultruded solid Dura Grating products were used, often within the same trench run. Bespoke colour coding was employed to visualise the different load ratings – and all design work was all backed up by our unrivalled real-world test data.


    Morgan Sindall


    National Grid


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    Trench Covers
    Key Clamp Handrail


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    Design & Engineering

    Dura Composites were extremely professional; working with the project team to develop solutions that met all of our requirements from concept design through to installation. Their ability to offer tailoring of their existing product range combined with bespoke design services was exactly what we needed for such a complex project. The quality of the finished product is fantastic and we are extremely happy with how well the whole process was managed. Overall a first-class service from start to finish.

    Jonny Pilbin

    Principal Design Manager at Morgan Sindall

    PO13 9FW

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