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We haven’t supplied to Southend Pier, yet, but we have supplied a number of prestigious pier and boardwalk walkway decks both in the UK and overseas, helping coastal and recreational users access the landscape with safety and ease.

Whilst piers traditionally stretch over water to facilitate the docking of pleasure boats, boardwalks by contrast commonly span marshland or sandy areas. Both scenarios are inherently suited to the use of durable anti-slip GRP composites which withstand the harsh saltwater conditions and effects of marine and waterside environments better than traditional materials such as wood or steel.


Anti-Slip Surface

High Strength

Low Maintenance

With many hidden structural issues, maintenance, repair and renovation of these historic structures needs to be undertaken with careful assessment. As with any ageing structure, choosing low maintenance materials that are easy to install and inspect is paramount, as the cost of rectifying poorly maintained traditional materials can be extremely high.

As experts in the Marine industry for almost three decades, we design and supply of the walkway substructure, surface deck and access ramps, we’ve worked hard to develop a range of innovative solutions that are designed to solve the real world challenges faced by coastal and marshland environments.

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