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    GRP grating panels offer an array of benefits that can enhance the overall watersports experience.

    A gritted walkway is undeniably the ideal platform for safe access to watersports such as kayaking, canoeing, paddleboarding, boating or fishing. Designed with safety, stability, and convenience in mind, our GRP grating panels offer an array of benefits that can enhance the overall watersports experience for enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

    Accidents on wet wooden docks and jetties or concrete pathways are all too common and therefore it goes without saying that in a waterside environment, the walkway used to access the water must offer exceptional slip-resistance, especially when wet. The in-built anti-slip properties of gritted composite Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) walkways ensure that water sports participants can confidently move around without fear of losing their footing.

    But not all composites are created equal.

    At Dura Composites, as well as our standard grit surface finish for ramps, we also offer a finer-gritted variant for general walkways, which is less abrasive and gentler underfoot. Specifically designed with watersports in mind, it can be easily navigated by users, and is less likely to catch or pull at the materials such as wetsuits, rash guards and swim skins – reducing wear and tear preventing potential damage.

    d² Dura Grating walkways are built to withstand the harsh conditions of waterfront environments, including exposure to water, sunlight, and the changing weather. Available in a range of different thicknesses and mesh sizes, they can endure regular usage as well as the weight of equipment used in watersports activities, making them a reliable platform for users. The fibreglass material requires minimal maintenance, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements versus wooden walkways. This translates to cost-effectiveness and less downtime, ensuring the walkways remain operational for water sports enthusiasts to enjoy year-round.

    d² Dura Grating Micro Mesh