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    It has never been easier to specify our GRP Grating for your project.

    Working in collaboration with Architects, Designers, and Specifiers we recognise the importance of having direct access to required product details when assessing and compiling project specifications. That’s why Dura Composites products are available on the trusted specification platform NBS Source, where you can access a wide range of our products and applications.

    We understand the importance of time sensitive projects, which is why we’ve simplified the process of using NBS Chorus for seamless specification. In addition with our advanced GRP Data Analysis Tool, exclusive to Dura Composites, you can easily specify GRP Grating and GRP Profile material properties and access technical performance information. Just click the button, navigate to your existing session, and paste the product into your chosen specification. Give it a try yourself, and include our GRP Grating below.

    Micro Mesh Grating in Dark Grey

    Specify our d² Micro Mesh

    Dura Composites NEW Micro Mesh GRP grating features an anti-slip surface with a new finer grit which is ideal for water sports facilities and other recreational areas. The 10.5mm x 10.5mm open mesh prevents virtually all objects from falling through and is suitable for a wide range of footwear and sporting equipment. d² Dura Grating Micro Mesh is available in Dark Grey as standard, with other colours available.

    Specify our d² Mini Mesh

    d² Dura Grating Mini Mesh has all the benefits of our d² Standard Mesh grating but with a smaller open mesh area depending on panel thickness. The smaller holes of this product prevent objects such as screws, nuts and bolts from falling through, and the aperture sizes comply with BS 4592 and the European 20mm Ball Falling Test. The unique patent pending design allows for improved visual inspection of the substructure below. d² Dura Grating Mini Mesh is available in 35mm, 45mm and 55mm thickness in Dark Grey, Yellow and Green. Also available in 23mm thickness with a 13mm hole size in Dark Grey, Teak, Sand, Light Grey and Green.

    Standard Mesh GRP Grating in Dark Grey

    Specify our d² Standard Mesh

    d² Dura Grating Standard Mesh has several open hole sizes depending on panel thickness and is our most cost-effective open mesh flooring solution. It is available in a 26mm, 38mm or 50mm thickness in Dark Grey, Yellow and Green and provides excellent bidirectional mechanical properties.

    Solid Top Rectangular HD Mesh Grating in Dark Grey

    Specify our d² Solid Top

    d² Dura Grating Solid Top is a great choice for situations where no light transmittance, drainage or visual inspection of the area underneath the grating is required. The anti-slip properties and clever high spec gritted surface of d² Dura Grating Solid Top provides higher opacity values than open mesh grating and the solid surface prevents all objects and debris from falling through. Available 29mm, 41mm and 53mm thickness in Dark Grey only. Other colours available by special order.