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    Ensuring reliability and compatibility.

    Standards are used to establish consistent protocols that can be universally understood ensuring the reliability of the materials, products and services people use every day. Adherence to standards can make it easier to understand and compare competing products, but with such a broad range of standards out there covering fields as diverse as health and safety, the fire performance of materials, and safe access to machinery and equipment, it can be hard to ascertain which standards may affect the material selection for your particular project.

    The following highlights the suitability of d² Dura Grating for some of the main standards in common usage for GRP flooring:

    • BS 4592 “Flooring, Treads & Handrails for Industrial use”

      States that any opening should prevent the passage of a 35mm diameter sphere except where the grating is above a place where people are working as opposed to occasionally passing, then the openings should prevent a 20mm diameter sphere from passing through.

    • BS EN ISO 14122 “Safety of machinery” – “Permanent means of access to machinery”

      States that openings should prevent a 35mm sphere from occasional passage underneath and a 20mm diameter sphere for spaces that are more regularly worked.

    • BS EN 13501-1 “Fire classification of construction products and building elements”

      Assesses a material’s contribution to fire, smoke emissions and burning droplets. d² Dura Grating GRP flooring achieves a classification of B s1 d0 – meaning very limited contribution to fire, with the lowest possible smoke emissions and zero burning droplets. This test supersedes BS476 as it tests for smoke and droplets.

    • Norsok Working Environment Standard

      d² Dura Grating also meets the specific requirements of the Norsok Working Environment Standard developed for the Norwegian Offshore Sector. This standard requires that grating used for Floors, Deck, Surfaces and Platforms shall not allow a ball of more than 20mm diameter to fall through. The 20mm grating open hole limit applies wherever there are persons working beneath the grating. If there is no-one working below the maximum opening can be 35mm in diameter.

    British Standard Guide

    StandardApplicationDutyPoint LoadArea (mm)UDLDeflectionOpening Size
    BS4592-0:2006 +A1:2012Flooring stair treads and handrails for Industrial useGeneral / Heavy1.5kN200x2005 kN/m² / 7.5 kN/m²L/200 or 10mm20mm for places where people are working otherwise max 35mm
    BS-EN-ISO14122-2Safety of machinery - permanent means of access to machinery-1.5kN200x2002 kN/m²L/20020mm for places where people are working otherwise max 35mm


    BSI Membership Certificate

    This accreditation demonstrates Dura Composites Ltd are a member.

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    d² Dura Grating

    Designed, developed and manufactured by Dura Composites, unique d² Dura Grating offers a 33% weight…