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    Designs with Class B fire rating, achieving up to 80% lifecycle savings versus traditional timber.

    Dura Composites has launched its latest range of patented (GB 2582967) composite dagger boards, including 18 new design profiles which are named for convenience and ease of specification. Lightweight and non-conductive, they replicate the thickness of traditional timber, but without the associated weight or maintenance and are ideally suited for fast and safe installation where major works involving cutting back station canopies to allow for electrification.

    The patented design achieves a market-leading fire rating of B-s1,d0 in accordance with European Standard EN-13501-1 and provides both decorative and functional benefits. Available in thicknesses of either 19mm or 25mm, the shaping of the Dagger Boards helps to keep passengers dry whilst maintaining natural light and ventilation within the canopy. Made from high-performance composite material, Dura Dagger Boards mimic the appearance of traditional wooden valance boards but are simple to install and require virtually no maintenance over their 50 year design life, achieving up to 80% cost saving on traditional materials based on a 10-15 year lifecycle cost.

    The 18 new design variants match some of the most popular heritage designs installed during the Victorian era, and thanks to the innovative nature of the materials and ease of working, over 5000 linear metres have already been installed across the UK rail network. The Dura Dagger profile includes a tongue and groove joining detail for seamless interlocking between each 1220mm and 2100mm panel which allows for expansion and height adjustment. Dura Dagger board material can be cut to virtually any shape, which means Dura Composites can also CNC bespoke variations to match other existing designs to help retain the character and individuality of each location, which may be especially important if the area carries a “listed building” status for example.

    For more information or to discuss your upcoming project, please call 01255 440291.