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    Our d² product range is now available in Australia and New Zealand.

    As the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of composite products, we are proud to announce that our d² product range of performance-improving composite walkway products is now available in Australia and New Zealand for the first time. Following the successful deployment of our award-winning Dura Platform train station platform overlay solution at Victoria Street station in NSW in 2018, we have continued to innovate, launching a range of patented solutions. This includes our d² Dura Grating – a GRP flooring and walkway product that offers the best performance-to-weight ratio in the industry and is up to 35 per cent lighter than other GRP grating and around 45 per cent lighter than a steel grating equivalent.


    Not all composites are equal

    GRP products are widely acknowledged to have major advantages over more conventional material options as they are less energy-intensive in development and have an extremely long lifecycle. However, not all GRP composites are created equal, and with our strong reputation for innovation, here at Dura Composites we have continued to invest in our design, technology and manufacturing techniques to create a unique range of solutions known as d² , which redefine what customers should expect from their composite products. With the d² range, we are able to solve real-world challenges for clients and customers, helping to reduce costs whilst improving safety and performance. In many cases, the safer, stronger, faster and proven d² products replace more traditionally accepted materials such as steel, wood and concrete and are faster and easier to deploy, reducing time and costs whilst also improving safety and sustainability, which makes them the perfect solution for the Australian and New Zealand markets.


    A sustainable choice

    Marking a milestone 25 years in business in 2021, we also recently achieved the internationally recognised ISO 14001 certification, the standard that specifies criterion for an effective environmental management system. Certification to ISO 14001 complements our existing ISO 9001 Quality Management achievement. The ISO 14001 quality mark is aimed at enhancing our environmental performance through controlling our impact on the environment as well as reducing resource use and improving overall efficiency. d² Dura Grating for example is up to 35 per cent lighter than other GRP grating, resulting in a 35 per cent embodied carbon efficiency saving built right into the product. Within a circular economy, re-use is the most economically and environmentally beneficial strategy. Finished products are worth much more than the raw materials they are composed of and direct re-use preserves the most value and embodied energy. In the case of Dura Grating panels for example, even after they have been used for their intended purpose and reach the end of their lifecycle in the original context, they can easily be up-cycled or repurposed in other ways.


    It’s great that the Dura products are now here to supply market demand in Australia and New Zealand and that we are backed with the engineering and experience these quality products bring to the many sectors. We are sending a clear message to all our valued customers in the region that we are taking a leading and proactive approach to quality and environmental management and that we are passionate about ensuring that the lifecycle benefits of our products are widely understood. The innovative weight-reducing designs of d2 help to reduce the carbon impact on the environment, whilst the future-proof fire resistance, anti-corrosion specification and anti-slip gritted surfaces all ensure that our Australian and New Zealand customers will benefit from enhanced safety and accessibility of their structural walkways.

    Chris Meikle

    Business Development Lead for Dura Composites Australia Pty Ltd