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Pay now, take delivery at a time that’s convenient for you.

Avoid delays or interruptions to your project timeline by vesting your materials with us. Sometimes known as consignment, vesting stock allows you to lock in your product prices and avoid potential future cost increases, giving you the power to plan and schedule with absolute certainty.

Opting to vest your stock means we will store your Dura Composites materials at no cost for an initial 6 months, the start of which will be initiated upon receipt of your purchase order or the provision of a vesting certificate, whichever occurs first. Subsequently, we’ll reach out to reassess your needs, and if storage is still necessary, charges will apply at a rate of £5.40 per m3 per day, excluding VAT.

Please note that fees are chargeable 7 days a week and that a notice period of 7 working days is necessary to terminate your vesting arrangement and arrange delivery of your goods to the location of your choice.

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    Pay now, schedule convenient delivery

    Lock in your product prices

    Avoid potential future cost increases