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    Vehicle Washdown Facility, Sussex, UK

    GRP Trench Cover

    Project Overview

    WNV-Systems specialises in designing, manufacturing and installing heavy vehicle wash facilities, primarily for the bus, coach, HGV, local government and rail industries. In a recent project, they used Dura Composites’ d² Dura Grating 26mm Standard Mesh for drainage covers in an eco-friendly building.

    Delivers an incredible strength-to-weight ratio.

    WNV-Systems designs, manufactures, supplies and installs heavy vehicle wash facilities primarily for the bus, coach and HGV industries, including a patented automatic under-chassis wash solution. The system provides a full width clean from nine rotating jets, and typically takes twenty minutes to clean a large vehicle such as a double decker bus.

    In a recent project for one of their key partners, WNV-Systems utilised d² Dura Grating 26mm Standard Mesh in yellow to provide open mesh drainage covers for a new under chassis wash. The building is completely fossil free and has a high-efficiency underfloor air-source heating system and sustainable drainage. The WNV-Systems vehicle wash solution was selected on the basis of its overall efficiency, plus its ability to recycle 90 per cent of the water used to wash each vehicle.

    The 26mm d² Dura Grating Standard Mesh product which is used to cover the channels is amongst Dura Composites’ most cost-effective open mesh flooring products and is both versatile and durable. The unique design of the grating achieves an ultra-low anti-slip rating of 62 in wet conditions (against the low slip threshold of just 36) and is both corrosion and chemically resistant It can be used in all industries where open mesh grating is used and alongside the safe anti-slip surface, encapsulates a superb strength-to-weight ratio and industry-leading Class B fire rating in accordance with BS EN 13501-1.

    Up to 33% lighter than competitor grating, it’s easier to transport and handle, making installation faster and more cost-effective. The grating panels require little to no maintenance over the course of their long life, ensuring a non-corrosive, slip-resistant surface for years to come.


    WNV Systems


    Standard Mesh 26mm


    Specialist Cutting
    Design & Engineering

    We’re really pleased with how easy the d² Dura Grating is to use versus previous heavier grating products. We’re always looking to use the best, safest and most innovative solutions to complement our unique systems and are glad to work with like-minded suppliers. Our automatic wash truly is the future of chassis cleaning – saving time and money as well as prolonging the life of the fleet.

    Darren Bright

    Sales Manager of WNV Systems

    WNV-Systems, Langhurst Wood Road, Horsham, UK

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