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    Segré Footbridge, France

    GRP Footbridge Decking

    Project Overview

    This project, centred on connecting communities in a water-surrounded town, saw a harmonious collaboration between Metalu and Dura Composites. They chose Dura Grating Mini Mesh in Light Grey to create a safe anti-slip pedestrian walkway that blends seamlessly with the local environment.

    A pedestrian walkway collaboration between Dura and Metalu.

    They saying goes that Segré is the place of renown, two rivers and two mountains, two churches and two bridges. And with those great pairings we find two more working together on this project, with the synonymous partnership between Metalu and Dura Composites.

    In a town surrounded by water, connecting communities and providing safe access across it is vital for the local townspeople and lucky tourists. Metalu were chosen with the help of Dura Grating Mini Mesh in Light Grey to create a pedestrian walkway that fit in with it’s local surroundings.

    The Dura Grating GRP mini mesh offers a secure and non-slip surface suitable for pedestrian foot traffic areas. Its small hole sizes facilitate effective drainage while ensuring a stable footing for easy navigation.

    In Segré, they build things to last, which is why our GRP Grating was chosen with its 60-year design life and 25-year warranty, that far surpasses over materials on the market. Its non-corrosive, hardwearing and anti-slip properties mean that the townspeople of Segré will be able to enjoy their river walks for generations to come.

    The great townspeople of Segré deserved a footbridge that would be as resilient as they are, and with the great work from our partners Metalu, we were able to provide them with a stunning, anti-slip footbridge that they will be able to enjoy for a long time.

    Dean Fuller

    New Business Manager at Dura Composites

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