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    SDC Trailers, Ireland and UK

    GRP Vehicle Lifting Hatches

    Project Overview

    Easily fabricated GRP Grating lifting hatches from Dura Composites allowed this trailer bed to be efficiently converted into a roof truss carrier without the need for additional machinery or additional labour.

    Lightweight d² GRP reduces vehicle weight for efficiency.

    SDC Trailers, the preeminent manufacturer of semi-trailers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, known for its substantial presence in the industry, approached our exclusive distribution partners in Ireland, Ridgeway, with an enquiry that was the perfect fit for our highly acclaimed GRP Grating.

    SDC were seeking a weight-efficient solution for detachable trailer floor infill panels to allow a semi-trailer to be easily converted to carry roof trusses. Leveraging the expertise of our proficient cutting specialists, we promptly delivered pre-cut panels of d2 Dura Grating to the SDC production team.

    Subsequently, the SDC team affixed an aluminium picture frame and added lifting handles to each panel. Unfamiliar with our products, they were astonished by the effortless workability of the GRP, owing to its lightweight composition and ease of cutting. Once in position, the ingeniously designed Standard Mesh d2 Dura Grating panels could be effortlessly removed, allowing a single operator to rapidly convert the trailer into a truss carrier.

    This streamlined process eliminates the need for supplementary expense such as machinery or an additional operator. Equally significant to the client were the safety benefits. A solution that could withstand inclement weather conditions and endure the test of time was needed, one that would not decay or pose a slip hazard to the operator.

    Fortunately, our meticulously tested GRP grating easily fulfils these criteria thanks to our clever gritted surface and comes with a reassuring 25-year warranty. Under the expert guidance of Ridgeway throughout the project, SDC expressed gratitude for our provision of the innovative, market-leading, unique, lightweight yet robust d2 product, which made this entire endeavour feasible.




    SDC Trailers


    Standard Mesh 38mm


    Specialist Cutting
    Design & Engineering

    We couldn’t be happier with the support we have received from Ridgeway, along with the exceptional Dura Grating product that has re-imagined our trailer into a truss carrier, all without the need for additional machinery or labour. An innovative solution, it exceeded our expectations, and our end customers are already reaping the rewards of a lightweight removable floor that maximises the payload capacity of our trailers. Our operators are also experiencing the advantages first-hand. The remarkable anti-slip properties and easy draining design of the Dura Grating have significantly enhanced safety, even in treacherous conditions such as icy or slippery surfaces. Moreover, we have been thoroughly impressed by the enduring quality of the mesh, which has dramatically reduced the likelihood of damage both during use and when stowed away. The extensive warranty provided with the product further instils confidence and peace of mind. We would very much work with Ridgeway to capitalise on the ingenuity of Dura Products again in the near future.

    William Sullivan

    Design Engineer, SDC Trailers

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