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    Mancetter Marina, Warwickshire, UK

    Fixed Jetty GRP Walkways

    Project Overview

    Anti-slip, safe and durable GRP d² Dura Grating was selected for the fixed jetties at Mancetter Marina in North Warwickshire. The remarkable design draws extensively on the expertise of local ecologists who advised on the careful balance of hard and soft engineering to create infrastructure that would provide practical longevity whilst maintaining the rural feel of the space.

    Lower carbon GRP jetties for this ecology focused inland marina.

    The unique bowl-like shape of Mancetter marina required the use of specialist machinery and lightweight materials to carry out work on the site, under the careful guidance of ecologists.

    Experts in marina repair, marina maintenance and waterfront marine construction The Rothen Group were able to utilise their adapted fleet to build-in the necessary stability for the marina’s structures.

    Whilst traditionally jetties have been made from sheet piles and timber walkways, these degrade over time – and as the timber walking surface rots, it results in hazardous walking conditions for marina users.

    In this project, The Rothen Group opted to deploy the latest innovation in GRP grating technology to deliver the safest, most cost-effective, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing jetties on the marine market, by using lower embodied carbon mini mesh d² Dura Grating made from Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) as the walking surface.

    With between 17.33% and 33% less embodied carbon than any mini mesh grating available elsewhere in the industry (dependent on thickness), our patented d² GRP mini mesh Dura Grating is also fully recyclable for a truly sustainable choice.


    The Rothen Group


    Mancetter Marina


    Mini Mesh GRP Grating


    Specialist Cutting
    Design & Engineering

    When working on Mancetter Marina we carefully considered how to create an infrastructure that would provide longevity while maintaining the rural feel of the space. We selected specific materials such as the d² Dura Grating Mini Mesh for their lightweight but durable properties – both to protect the safety of those using the marina and to prevent any erosion or disruptive maintenance work needing to be carried out. We are delighted with the outcome of this project, and look forward to utilising Dura Composites’ GRP materials again.

    Charlotte Lea

    Ecologist, The Rothen Group

    CV9 2RD

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