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    Lichfield Trent Valley Station, Staffordshire, UK

    GRP Rail Station Platform on Steel Substructure

    Project Overview

    This £5.7m Lichfield Trent Valley Platform 3 Renewal project by Network Rail Central Route Buildings Asset Management included the use of Dura Composites’ Steel/GRP hybrid Dura Platform which was described by Network Rail as a “modern, stronger platform”. This sustainable, modular, lightweight platform design was prefabricated and installed in record speed to meet this tight programme schedule.

    GRP composites facilitated this complex engineering project.

    In the face of a myriad of challenges, Network Rail embarked on a monumental task: the renewal of the station platform at Lichfield Trent Valley, serving the vital Cross City line. This ambitious project demanded innovative solutions to overcome tight schedules, financial constraints, and a plethora of technical hurdles.

    The 40 metre long upper level was successfully replaced with modular steel GRP hybrid sections using a 650-tonne crane over the Christmas shut down to help ensure that journeys are more reliable for passengers using both routes in future. The advantages of GRP composites were abundantly clear to Network Rail and Harrisons Engineering who chose us to design and supply the platform components for the project.

    The Dura Platform 40 and Dura Profile structural beam sections offered unparalleled durability, safety, and cost-effectiveness. What’s more, their modular design can facilitate swift adjustments in the future, allowing for dynamic changes with minimal disruption. When installed with interim offsets for example, the X and Y of Dura Platform can be fully adjusted in a matter of hours if needed. Underslung services can be easily introduced in accessible locations with hatch access for simple M&E and installation and maintenance.

    Beyond its immediate advantages in terms of reducing the project schedule and helping passengers get back to using the platform as quickly as possible, GRP Dura Platform also delivers longevity and sustainability. With a design life of 60 years and a comprehensive recycling program courtesy of Dura Composites, it stands as a testament to responsible engineering practices.


    Network Rail


    Harrisons Engineering


    GRP Steel Hybrid Platform


    Design & Engineering

    GRP Steel Hybrid accelerates construction

    Using Dura Composites’ GRP Steel Hybrid Platforms for this project, Lichfield Trench Valley was able to safeguard the future of this well-utilised station platform. With an expected lifetime of 60 years, this modular and easy to fit solution also benefits from a comprehensive recycling program for when those 60 years have concluded.

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