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    Elephant & Castle Rail Station, London, UK

    GRP Rail Station Platform

    Project Overview

    The risk to passengers at the Platform Train Interface (PTI) is equivalent to nearly 13 fatalities each year, and 48% of the total passenger fatality risk on the mainline railway network. Platform 4 at London’s Elephant & Castle station was in urgent need of improvements to the passenger experience and overall safety by reducing stepping distances from the platform to the train. It was one of the first ever installations of Dura Platform using our modular overlay system alongside Mountbridge from Hammond ecs Ltd.

    Solving the ‘mind the gap’ problem with a GRP overlays.

    Hammond and Dura worked together to deliver a stepping distance adjustment of up to 200mm to deal with the varying heights along this platform at Elephant and Castle station.

    Although traditional platform material solutions could have been utilised, they were ruled out on the basis that significant platform closures and line possessions would be required; a process that would have led to many months of passenger disruptions. The composite Dura Platform system was far less disruptive and quicker to install; not only removing the cost and disruption of the concrete option but also because it was adjustable to suit future rolling stock.

    The only solution capable of adjustments to X&Y dimensions.

    Dura Composites’ aim was to reduce the stepping distance from the platform to the train and make it consistent to ensure that platform 4 conformed to Network Rail’s standards for height and distance X-Y dimensions.

    Due to the nature of lightweight modular composite flooring panels versus traditional concrete and tarmac and their associated equipment, the majority of the installation of the overlay system was conducted within engineering hours under line block arrangements. The project was a success, accomplishing full compliance.

    Design & Build Contractor

    Hammond (ecs) Ltd.


    Network Rail


    Dura Platform


    Design & Engineering

    Elephant and Castle Station

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