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Dura Tread Anti-Slip Strips

A Quick, Cost-Effective Solution to Improving Safety in Slippery Conditions

Slippery surfaces causing you a headache? Our Dura Tread Anti-Slip Strips are a really cost-effective way of boosting walkway safety, particularly in outdoor or wet areas.

Super-fast and easy to install, these 50mm strips can provide additional grip to almost any surface to give you peace of mind. Whether it’s for timber pontoon decking, lakeside walkways, outdoor steps or access ramps, our gritted strips can be affixed to your existing floor surface to help mitigate the risk of slipping, tripping or falling.

Dura Tread Anti-Slip Strips are available in black, yellow or dark grey and can be easily combined for easy demarcation of transitional areas, differing floor levels, or to maximise visibility against the existing structural flooring material.

If your project requires a complete flooring change with in-built anti-slip properties, we also offer a full range of composite decking planks and GRP grating panels. Simply drop us a line and we’ll be happy to send across some samples.

The strips are available in 1200mm and 3600mm length strips as standard. Additional sizes up to 3600mm are also available and can be cut to specialist lengths or have holes pre drilled on request. This will attract an additional charge.

Minimum order quantity is 5 strips. We also offer Free Shipping for this product (Restrictions Apply). Please note this product does not have pre-drilled holes.


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Key Features

  • Easy Installation

  • Guaranteed Long Term Product Lifecycle

  • Lightweight

  • Lowest Cost

  • Proven Best-in-Class Slip Resistance

  • UV/Colour Fade Resistant

Specifications, Delivery, Returns & Exchanges

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