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Westminster Pier, London

This iconic location and tourist hotspot was revisited and revamped

Project: Westminster Pier, London

Located next to the Houses of Parliament and surrounded by iconic landmarks such as the London Eye, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben… Westminster Pier is central to it all.

The pier is regularly utilised by commuter river services and recreational cruise tours, and thanks to Dura Composites is now fully accessible by a wide range of different users.

Several years ago, the pier was fitted with our first-generation slab flooring. Although it served its purpose well, an increase in usage of the site meant that over time, the wooden substructure supporting the deck began to warp and rot. A phone call was placed to our experienced Marine team to help support the upgrade works.

Using our Dura Profile, with its clever non-corrosive and lightweight nature, the team were able to quickly take out the rotting timber and install a GRP substructure that will last for decades.

Our d2 Dura Profile structural profiles are non-conductive, non-corrosive and chemically resistant and are a logical and cost-effective alternative to steel, wood or other conventional materials. We carry one of the largest stock holdings of GRP profiles in the country including Tube, Box, I-Beam, Channel and Angle sections.

Not satisfied with simply replacing the rotting timber, our ingenious Marine team also decided to use the opportunity presented by the renovation window to re-grit the existing slab flooring to provide an even longer life span.

When you have issues with your rotting timber substructures or bridge decks and don’t know who to call… our Marine team are always on hand to support you. Their calm professionalism and decades of experience in the industry means you can always rely on them to help.

Commenting on the project, Dean Fuller, Marine Manager at Dura, said;

It was fantastic to be able to go back and support the upgrades to this excellent project. At Dura, we’ve always seen the value in maintaining relationships long after projects have finished, so that we’re front of mind to offer that value added support whenever our customers need it. I was over the moon that this stunning location in the heart of London will once again help commuters and visitors safely on their way for generations to come.

Discover the benefits of d2 Dura Grating

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Designed, developed and manufactured by Dura Composites, d2 Dura Grating offers outstanding safety, performance and durability and is more cost-effective than traditional GRP grating in almost every scenario. It can be applied in all industries where GRP mesh grating is used today and has an industry-leading Class Bfl-s1 fire rating as standard in accordance with BS EN 13501 (excludes 23mm). As with all our grating, it can be supplied with a range of stainless steel clips, clamps and hold down fixings to suit all install scenarios.

A comprehensive range of load testing data is also available within our searchable Online Product Selector database to help you make decisions based on real data to ensure maximum safety for your project.


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