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Dura Composites is a young, vibrant company hungry for growth, with ambitious goals for 2020 and beyond. Our innovative approach and relentless drive to understand the specific needs and operating environments of our customers, and a commitment to exceptional service and care, has seen us achieve great success so far growing from 6 staff in 2007 to 80 staff in 2019.

As a result, we are always on the lookout for great people to help us achieve our vision. At Dura we provide leadership and support to ensure that our employees are empowered, challenged, happy and rewarded – in recognition of the importance of their contribution to our continued growth and success.

What drives us as a company, what our mission is, and what are the shared values that we think will help us reach our business goals? The answer is our company culture. This is why we have set up a specific department…

Culture and People Development Team

Our vision for this team is ‘to develop and grow a company culture whereby teams and individuals are compelled to produce high quality and efficient output, always seek to find ways of continuous improvement and demonstrate inter-departmental cohesion to deliver enhanced company competitiveness and profit potential’.

As part of our recruitment process we believe it is important for candidates to meet various members of the Dura Composites Team to get a clear insight into our company and culture – not just meet one or two people in a misleading environment. It is important that candidates feel comfortable during this process to ask questions, learn more about the company and understand if Dura Composites is the right fit for them. We take PRIDE in ensuring a personal approach, and as such the Managing Directors take time to meet all new staff members.

We find that our most successful employees also have a passion for encouraging their colleagues to be the best they can be. Passion is a powerful driving force that cannot be learned easily. Sometimes its in-built and is always present, however, mostly it comes to fore when someone really believes in the company, the department and the purpose of their role and the department they operate in. To help stimulate this mindset, Dura takes the time to invite every single staff member to a 3-monthly company meeting to discuss the company performance from the past 12 weeks and the overall aims and plans for the next 12 weeks. We believe that being involved in the bigger picture helps staff understand the role they play.

Further, the company insists on setting aside time for each staff member to have an individual ‘success sheet’ personal review. The aim is to identify progress against career goals, reviewing items such as overall happiness, motivation levels and progress against personal skills and training development.

We recognise that creating a great corporate culture isn’t something that happens overnight – it’s a journey.  The great news is that Dura Composites is well on its way to cementing a strong company culture through our PRIDE values.

How are we achieving our PRIDE culture?

  • Sharing Information
  • Celebrating people
  • Celebrating achievements
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Encouraging learning
  • Getting social
  • Carrying out blameless problem solving
  • Showing generosity of spirit
  • Encouraging a variety of interests
  • Smiling more!

See how we are achieving our PRIDE culture at Dura Composites


Work experience and apprenticeships

We always welcome the opportunity for those people who want to gain work experience either as part of further education or through an apprenticeship. Contact our Culture and People Development Team for further information, details below.

Looking for employment?

Dura Composites is always on the lookout for passionate talent to join us, why not get in touch with us by sending us your CV plus covering letter to [email protected] and/or by calling us on 01255 423601 and asking to speak to a Careers contact.

Current vacancies:

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