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Building Information Modelling (BIM) at Dura Composites

The construction industry is making huge strides to make it easier to for all those involved in the supply chain to be able to view a building and its constituent parts on a computer. Dura Composites welcomes this step change in technology and is committed to providing architects, engineers and contractors with the information that they need to use Dura products.

With the Government’s announcement that all Public Sector projects need to be implemented using the BIM approach, we’ve been busy preparing BIM ready open source files for the products you source from us, so you can be confident that both you and your end client are making the right choice for your project.

Available free from the National Building Specification (NBS) National BIM Library, the new data-rich Dura Composites BIM Objects allow specifiers to see up-to-date, accurate data about Dura Composites products and to easily incorporate them into their overall design. Authored to the trusted NBS standard, each BIM Object details the various surface finishes, profiles, sizes and colour options for each product, and provides specifiers and end clients with detailed information on how the products will perform during their expected lifecycle. To access the Dura Composites BIM objects click here.

If you require any additional information or support, please contact us at info@duracomposites.com to discuss how our CAD team can work with your sales contact to provide composite solutions that help you achieve a construction project that is delivered on time, within budget and that’s designed for the future.

Access our BIM Objects now at: