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Livingstone South Station, West Lothian

GRP Rail Station Platform | Case Study

Project: Livingston South Station, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 9DA, UK

Client: SPL Powerlines, Amco-Giffen, ScotRail

Design & Build Contractors: Aecom, Amco-Giffen

Interesting Facts

  • Livingston South Station serviced 333,644 passengers between March 2019 – April 2020.
  • Out of a total of 2569 stations in the UK, Livingston South is the 1149th busiest station. (data ref from Table 1410 – Passenger entries and exits and interchanges by station – updated 22 July 2021)

Livingston South railway station is one of two railway stations serving Livingston in West Lothian, Scotland. It is located on the Shotts Line, 14 miles west of Edinburgh Waverley on the way to Glasgow Central. This station has become the first in Scotland to install the patented composite fibreglass platform system solution, known as Dura Platform.

This award-winning design is a precision engineered product manufactured by a pultrusion process which complies with Network Rail specifications and offers significant improvements over traditional alternatives – including a dramatic reduction in possession time and sizeable overall project cost savings.

Before & After

        AMCO-GIFFEN Senior Contracts Manager, Daniel Harkins commented saying:

Dura Platform has provided an excellent bespoke platform in Scotland which will provide users with safe access for years to come. Dura Composites and Dura’s Rail Sector Sales Manager Richard Palmer, were helpful and professional, delivering the project on time and to the agreed budget.

Dura Platform has been used to install over 12,000 sqm of platform since 2014, demonstrating its sustainability. This breakthrough composite platform solves many of the challenges encountered when dealing with traditional materials.

The clients involved took a forward-thinking approach when specifying Dura Platform 40. The modular lightweight structure is easy to handle and manoeuvre allowing for rapid install, proving invaluable during the Livingston project when treacherous weather conditions brought activities to a halt for 2 days reducing valuable time on the ground.

Livingston South Redevelopment

As part of Network Rails £3.5m redevelopment of Livingston South Station, the modular lightweight system of Dura Platform 40 was the perfect solution for its rapid install capabilities.

This meant that despite just a 10-day blockade both platforms were demolished and replaced, delivering a wider platform and extension by 28m. Dura Platform’s non-conductive surface contributed to the platform compliance for the electrification of the railway and new 6 carriage train that will be introduced on the route.

Why Dura Platform?

After over a century of heavy use, many of the UK’s concrete train station platforms now require replacement as they reach the end of their service life. Even those that don’t require complete replacement need regular maintenance which can drain resources and cause passenger disruption.

Traditionally concrete has been used, but works can require long possessions and Road Rail Vehicles are normally required for the transportation of materials. Even when concrete is used, there is still no easy solution to fixing the problem of stepping distances between the train and the platform when subsidence means they have become out of gauge.

Dura Platform is a breakthrough composite product which solves all of these challenges and more in record time. The solution has a host of revolutionary features and allows contractors to replace or overlay onto damaged or subsided platforms a low maintenance, modular, lightweight, height adjustable structure that enhances safety with anti-slip surface options, in-built water management, integral lines, optional integral lighting and snow melting capability, all with similar or lower overall project costs than concrete.

  • Network Rail Compliant
  • Anti-Slip Surface
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fast Install Times

Dura Platform 40

Dura Platform 40 is suitable to enable the re-gauging of existing platforms to meet PTI requirements by overlaying onto existing structures, or for extension and refurbishment of steel and concrete trestle systems. This innovative modular system is an approved product on Network Rails infrastructure list and meets specifications for composite platforms – spanning up to 1.5 m. This product was selected due to the fact it can be moved into position without heavy equipment, reducing cost and overall installation time.

Specify Dura Platform 40 on NBS Source

Dura Platform 100

Dura Platform 100, which spans up to 3.4m can be used for platform extensions, replacements or new builds. The product can even be specified with integral LED lighting to provide additional safety at the track edge. It is available in a range of surface finishes to match existing surroundings and have an anti-slip surface which is crankable to allow easy water drainage.

Specify Dura Platform 100 on NBS Source

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Dura Composites are helping to answer the major challenges facing Britain’s railway network such as capacity, reliability and efficiency. Composite materials are a realistic long term alternative across a wide range of applications within the Rail Industry in replacing traditional materials.

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