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Monkey World, Ape Rescue Centre, UK

GRP Dura Grating Gantries, Walkways & Stair Treads | Case Study

Project: Monkey World, Ape Rescue Centre, Dorset, UK

Client: Monkey World

Set amongst the woodland of Dorset, Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre is a primate rescue centre in Dorset, established in 1987 to provide a home for confiscated, abused or neglected monkeys and apes. Monkey World is home to over 260 monkeys, apes and prosimians from over 20 different species and has assisted 28 governments around the world to provide refuge for victims of the illegal wildlife trade, entertainment industry, laboratories, circuses and pet trade.

Photo credit: monkeyworld.org

Monkey World is boosting safety for its staff and volunteers through the use of GRP Dura Grating gantries, raised walkways and stair treads which provide safe passage for staff and keepers as they care for the animals.

Whilst Monkey World had previously used timber decking and plastic sheeting for their walkways, they were unhappy with the slipperiness underfoot, the constant rotting of the timber, and the expense of the required framework supports. By contrast, the GRP Standard Mesh grating from Dura Composites provides a durable alternative, with proven anti-slip properties. Hygiene is of paramount importance for the primates, and the Dura Grating is free draining and able to withstand the effects of continual cleaning and hosing.

Dura Grating’s immense versatility has meant that it is now in use all over the park – including above enclosures, on feeding towers, in primate houses, corridors and on steps. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, it can be installed more quickly and cost-effectively than other materials, thereby reducing disruption to both the primates and visitors.

Photo credit: monkeyworld.org

Photo credit: monkeyworld.org

Unlocking the Power of Composites™ With the Exclusive d2 Product Range

Dura Composites’ are two time winners of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise and have extensive experience in the provision of anti-slip walkways and gantries. Our latest d2 range of products deploy unique patented designs and the latest composite technology to deliver the safest, most cost-effective and durable solutions on the market.

Key benefits include a superb strength to weight ratio, lightweight, non-corrosive, non-conductive and a low maintenance lifecycle. Dura Composites can provide detailed technical information for all our d2 products based on real-world testing criteria – including loading data, span information and detailed technical drawings.

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Dura Composites are also experts in the design, manufacture and supply of heavy duty, non-conductive, non-corrosive and chemically resistant access structures which are fabricated in the UK to provide a safe, cost-effective and durable alternative to steel.

We have extensive knowledge of every aspect of GRP fabrications and our first-class fabrication facilities at our East of England HQ enable us to construct even the most complex projects safely, reliably and to the highest standards. We have supplied fabrications to a wide range of demanding environments including the UK defence sector, water industry, power generation industry, rail, electrical and materials handling sectors.

Our services cover all aspects of the project lifecycle from feasibility studies and detailed design to cutting, fabrication, assembly and installation. You can customise, price, specify and buy a standard duty access system using our simple configurator.

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Photo credit: monkeyworld.org

Commenting on the use of GRP Dura Grating, George Henderson, Estates Manager for Monkey World – Ape Rescue Centre said:

As the keepers are working around strong dangerous animals, it is vital the footing is non slip to prevent accidents next to primate mesh. The fact that the Dura Grating is lightweight and relatively easy to manoeuvre was an added bonus, whilst still being strong enough to withstand heavy loads and constant use. It has ensured that the park not only looks smart but is safe and hygienic for both our staff, and importantly, our rescued primates.

To support the work of Monkey World, please give a donation to the Ape Rescue Trust, a 100% fund used solely for primate rescue and rehabilitation.

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Discover the benefits of d2 Dura Grating

Dura Grating Standard Mesh
26mm, 38mm & 50mm

Dura Grating Mini Mesh
23mm, 35mm, 45mm & 55mm

Dura Grating Micro Mesh

Dura Grating Solid Top
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Designed, developed and manufactured by Dura Composites, d2 Dura Grating offers outstanding safety, performance and durability and is more cost-effective than traditional GRP grating in almost every scenario. It can be applied in all industries where GRP mesh grating is used today and has an industry-leading Class Bfl-s1 fire rating as standard in accordance with BS EN 13501 (excludes 23mm). As with all our grating, it can be supplied with a range of stainless steel clips, clamps and hold down fixings to suit all install scenarios.

A comprehensive range of load testing data is also available within our searchable Online Product Selector database to help you make decisions based on real data to ensure maximum safety for your project.

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