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Stylish composite cladding boards that will look great for years to come

Our market-leading composite cladding is the perfect way to make a dramatic statement with your building – be it a residential property or a commercial building. With a selection of contemporary styles to choose from and unique colours ranging from natural timber tones to eye-catching greys and charcoals, you can ensure your property has real kerb appeal.

The advanced formula used to create our long-lasting composite cladding boards makes them ideal in practically any environment, guaranteeing maximum performance from the day of installation well into the future. Each board is lightweight, hardwearing and easy to install, so you can transform your exterior from plain and boring to eye-catching – in next to no time.

With the look and feel of real timber – but none of the downsides – your composite cladding will never warp, rot or stain, nor will it require painting or staining during its service life. When paired with our industry-leading, fire-proof aluminium battens, you have a safe cladding solution that’s sure to impress.

If you’re looking for a fully A2 Fire Rated cladding system, the battens can also be combined with our sleek looking aluminium cladding which is ideal for high rise and public sector buildings.

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Composite Cladding in Cedar

Dura Cladding Flush Resist is available in 3 Attractive Contemporary Colours

Alaskan Cedar



Unmatched composite cladding quality that you can rely on

Our composite cladding boards offer a stronger, longer-lasting and far more aesthetically pleasing façade to any building. They can be installed vertically or horizontally, used to cover a full face, half an elevation or even less, so you can create a look that feels right for you and your property. And because of our unique composition, you’ll never need to paint or treat the cladding – it will simply look stunning for years!

Our composite cladding has been rigorously tested for your peace of mind. The unique exterior armour of the cladding increases its defence against fire, achieving B s1 d0 according to BS EN 13501 – one of the highest ratings for composite cladding on this kind.

This means that when you install our cladding on your property, you’re getting superior safety as well as a superior look. This specification meets all of the necessary standards for buildings under 11 metres in height, so no matter whether it’s residential or commercial, you’ll be able to benefit from our years’ of refinement and innovation.

The perfect companion to any building

Because our composite cladding looks perfect all-year-round and is specifically designed to perform in all weather conditions, it can be installed on practically any building. It looks fantastic as part of a residential makeover, adding a contemporary look to a tired or dated façade, and works equally well as part of a commercial project.

Architects, designers and builders will find that our composite cladding is a fantastic product for a wide variety of applications. From housing developments to offices to hospitals and so much more, the unique look and make-up of our boards provide style and quality in equal measure.

Simple installation with standard tools

UV colour stable

Made with recycled materials

Fire-resistant to Class B

Never stains, rots or warps

Won’t expand, regardless of weather conditions

Minimal maintenance and no need to paint

15 year Warranty

Designed with the environment in mind

Awareness of the global plastic waste crisis is at an all-time high, but Dura Cladding Flush Resist is a smart environmental choice

Today’s consumer demands sustainable products and embraces sensible consumption habits. Not only does Dura Cladding Flush Resist’s FSC™ chain of custody certification mean that any wood content in our products comes from well-managed forests, but up to 78% of the materials used are recycled hardwood and plastic too.

This means that by choosing us, customers are helping to conserve the earth’s resources, whilst also diverting plastic waste from being sent to landfill – stopping it from ending up in our oceans. What’s more, our customers can return the product for recycling and re-use in future products.

Dura Cladding Flush Resist is manufactured from a unique combination of recycled wood and plastic and our highly developed unique composition combines the traditional appearance of timber with the durability of an engineered composite.

Made from up to 78% recycled material, Dura Cladding Flush Resist helps to conserve the earth’s resources whilst reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. In fact, Dura Composites was the world’s first timber composite supplier to become FSC™ certified, further positioning us as a global pioneer in the world of composite timber.

And with our cladding lasting over 25 years without needing to be repaired or replaced, we’re helping to reduce the unnecessary use of extra materials that can cause harm to the planet.

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