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Use our virtual reality tool to decide on your perfect Dura Cladding Aluminium and Dura Deck Aluminium colour pairing. See the surface of the deck boards and profile of the cladding close up and design your ultimate A2 fire rated solution.

8 Reasons To Choose Dura Cladding Flush Aluminium

Extreme Fire Performance to Class A2

Designed for Versatility

Unique Anti-Glare Design

Easy installation

Durable & Strong

Sustainable & Recyclable

Minimal maintenance

20 year Warranty

A great solution for cladding refurbishment or upgrades

If you’re working with housing association or local authority properties which contain PVC, timber or other non fire-rated cladding, you may want to consider re-cladding with Dura Cladding Flush Aluminium to maximise safety. The government published the prospectus for its £1bn Building Safety Fund on 26 May 2020, providing detail of how building owners can apply for funding to remediate buildings over 18 metres which feature combustible cladding.

But it’s not just buildings over 18 metres that may contain non-fire rated cladding that could pose a significant risk to residents in the event of a fire. Even the use of wooden battening to affix the cladding to a structure could pose an unnecessary risk. Dura Composites offers a fully fire rated battening, cladding and trim system.

The cladding can be installed either vertically or horizontally with no overlap to suit a wide range of social housing designs and construction methods.

It is a versatile solution that when used with our 25mm x 48mm, 50mm x 48mm or 75mm x 48mm aluminium battens and cladding trims, creates a safe, low-maintenance cladding solution that’s A2 fire-rated (in accordance with BS EN 13501- 1:2018) for maximum peace of mind.

Suitable for:

  • High rise buildings 18 metres+
  • Social Housing
  • Public Sector Buildings: Hospitals, Schools & Libraries
  • New Build Homes
  • Self-Build Properties
  • Residential Renovations
  • Extensions & Conversions
  • Commercial Properties
  • Offices & Factories
  • Garages & Outbuildings
  • Garden Rooms
  • Workshops

Dura Cladding Flush Aluminium

Aluminium tongue & groove cladding product range

Class A2 fire rated (A2-s1 d0)

Install vertically or horizontally

Available in 5 stylish colours

20 year warranty

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Product Guide

Dura Cladding Flush Aluminium | Aluminium Cladding

Dura Cladding Flush Aluminium is a Patent-Pending, fully fire-rated façade solution, designed for public buildings of any height & buildings that require a Class A2-s1, d0 Fire Rating.


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