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Transform your outdoor space in minutes. No need for expensive substructures or professional landscaping. Create a brand-new decking area, from scratch, with Dura Deck Tile. Our easy-to-lay interlocking composite decking tiles require no specialist tools or skills and don’t need expensive bearers or joist systems to sit on. Available in two attractive colours, the tiles can be used to cover unsightly areas or create an all-new terrace or decking area in no time at all.

Step 1: Choose your tile colour

Step 2: Choose the shape of your area

Step 3: Enter your dimensions in millimetres


Step 4: Include edge ramps?

Step 5: Area Coverage

Length A B C D
Dimension Inputs
Actual coverage (include edges)
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Choose Dura Deck Tile - The Inter-Connecting Composite Decking Tiles

360° protective outer armour, ensuring strength and scratch free surface

We were the world’s first composite timber supplier to become FSC™ certified

15 year product warranty giving you peace of mind for a lasting deck area

Superior secure interlocking system to any other deck tiles on the market

Resists fade

No substructure needed

Low water absorption

Natural wood look

Rapid install. Create your new decking area from scratch in minutes

Double the length of competitor products for a more realistic deck effect

Excellent anti-slip
performance in wet conditions

Save up to 50% on the cost of installing traditional decking

Components Available

Our Corner and Edge Ramps can be added to interlock with our Dura Deck Tile to create a smooth, sleek and safe angled transition between the tile and adjacent floor service. Matching our Tile colours in Pebble Grey and Mahogany, these added components provide endless possibilities for your outdoor space.

Tile Surface

Tile Base

Straight Edge Ramps

Corner Edge Ramps

Dura Deck Tile Resist Beats All Other Decking Tiles on the Market

Dura Deck Tile:

✔ 600mm double width tile can be rapidly installed for maximum impact
✔ 360° armour uses latest co-extruded technology for greater protection
✔ Straight and corner edge ramps add a beautiful finish from all angles
✔ Excellent anti-slip performance in wet conditions
✔ Mimics beauty of natural wood without the maintenance
✔ Conveniently packaged 15kg boxes can be lifted by a single person
✔ Patent pending design, unique in the marketplace
✔ Wind uplift certified – tiles will not dislodge in strong winds
✔ Solid board construction, tiles are strong and 25 mm thick
✔ Reliable dove-tail interlocking system locks tiles together

What’s available from our competitors:

✘ Only available in 300mm width
✘ Non co-extruded so the core is susceptible to the elements
✘ Limited availability of finishing ramps
✘ Slippery when wet, no real world anti-slip testing
✘ Heavy to lift, requires 2 people per box
✘ Plastic base feet just out piercing roof membrane and allow water ingress
✘ Grooved surface has limited aesthetic appeal
✘ No wind uplift testing, so may shift in strong winds
✘ Non solid composition has limited strength
✘ Loop and pin interlocking system is fiddly and liable to break when fitting

Dura Deck Tile Products

Tile Length: 605mm | Tile Width: 305mm | Tile Thickness: 25mm | Tiles per box: 5

EACH BOX COVERS NEARLY 1m2 – Each Dura Deck Tile Resist measures L605mm (2ft) x W305mm (1ft) x D25mm meaning you can cover an amazing 0.9m2 (9.8 ft2) with each box. Each tile is 0.18m2 or 1.96 ft2.

With our premium Dura Deck Tile range, you can achieve an instant transformation with all of the look of traditional decking, but none of the installation and maintenance headaches. The tiles offer a hassle-free way for home DIYers, landlords and commercial business owners to upgrade an outdoor space, with delivery straight to your door.

Dura Composites’ patented design offers an outdoor decking product that is easy to fit – with no substructure or tools required – and no time spent oiling, painting or staining!

You could save up to 50% on the cost of installing traditional decking, as there’s no need for expensive substructures, professional landscapers or carpenters.

All that’s needed is an existing hardstanding, patio or flat area where the ground is level. The tiles interlock by clicking together to form an anti-slip decking surface that’s both practical and professional-looking.

With a thickness of 25mm, Dura Deck Tile is also perfect for overlaying onto an existing area where traditional decking will not fit due to the door threshold. No membrane is necessary as the tiles include their own built in base made from recycled plastic.

Finish your look with Dura Deck Tile Edge Ramps

Dura Deck Tile Install Steps

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Can I put tiles over old decking?

Using NBS Chorus to specify your project?

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Product Guide

Product Guide

Dura Deck® Tile | Composite Timber Decking Tiles


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