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Dura Deck Aluminium Free-Drain Cut Down Clips

Working hand in hand with your Aluminium Free-Drain 18mm Deck

Dura Deck Aluminium Free-Drain 18mm has a range of intelligently designed trims and accessories so you can be sure of a simple and efficient way to start, install and finish your aluminium decking balcony or terrace design.

Our Standard Full Length Main Clip runs the length of the decking board and provides directional drainage.

If your balcony design better suits a free draining solution, our 50mm Main Clips can be used in place of a Standard Full Length Main Clip. The End Closure trim can be used for terminating board ends with a neat finish.

If your decking installation scenario requires a board to be trimmed down in length to complete your installation, a Cut Down Clip can be used to support the trimmed edge, giving a professional finish.


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