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Aluminium Decking for Balconies

Easy to install, fire-resistant aluminium decking system for all applications.

Aluminium decking is the perfect product and material for architects, developers and contractors who want peace of mind for their building projects. The lightweight material is not only easy to install and maintain, but Dura Composites’ patent-pending aluminium boards are also fire-resistant – with a Class A2 fl s1 rating in accordance with BS EN 13501-1.

Our metal decking is made from T6 aluminium, making it strong and durable in a variety of applications. Due to its robust design and fire-resistant properties, it is best suited for high-rise applications over 18 metres in height, whether that be for residential or commercial projects such as high-rise apartments, schools, universities and hospitals.

6 Reasons to Choose Aluminium Decking

Excellent Fire Resistance

Achieves an A2 fire rating in accordance with BS EN13501, perfect for applications over 18-metres.

Superior Slip Resistance

Engineered with a unique paint formulation for unrivalled low slip potential, achieving 62 in the dry and 55 in the wet.

Colours That Won’t Stain or Fade

Our innovative aluminium decking coating is low maintenance throughout its 20-year life-cycle, saving time and cost.

Increased Load Resistance

Achieves 2kN per metres point load and up to 1 metre clear span between joists, reducing the need number of joists required during installation.

Improved Heat Resistance

Our metal decking boards do not absorb heat and are 10% cooler than equivalent WPC boards, making them barefoot-friendly in all applications.

Easy to Install

Features a tongue-in-groove design that fixes together for fast, efficient installation. Our boards don’t need cutting and have concealed screw fixings.

Our Aluminium Decking Product Range

Our Aluminium Decking Products are available in 3 attractive, contemporary colours that look great in any commercial or residential environment. Whether you’re looking for something that stands out or integrates with your building, you can find a metal decking board to match. The boards span up to 1 metre (based on stringent 2019 2kN load criteria according to BS 6399-1:1996) with a lightweight 27mm profile that is ideal for new builds and refurbishments. Not only is our aluminium fireproof decking a great replacement for out-dated timber decking, it will also stay cool in hot weather, making it a great option all-year-round.

Cedar – RAL 1019

Mist – RAL 7001

Anthracite – RAL 7043

Our boards feature an innovative, patent-pending tongue-and-grove design, which ensures that they can be fitted quickly and easily, without the need for cutting. Each aluminium board also has a double skin with an eye-catching grooved surface and uniform underside to prevent water dripping below the deck. The in-built grooves make the decking surface slip resistant, improving overall safety and further cementing Dura Deck Aluminium as an ideal choice for high rise balconies and building applications.

With a 150mm visible face, the fireproof decking board boasts an integrated gutter system, channelling water away from your structure to create a low maintenance deck with a useable, dry space below. Simultaneously, this creates an attractive integrated soffit detail. The grooved design offers a traditional plank-look surface that features the latest technology and can be installed rapidly – with no clips being required.

Dura Deck Aluminium comes with a 20-year manufacturer warranty, subject to a correct and proper maintenance regime.

Anti-slip coating for increased safety

Our aluminium decking boards are coated in a unique paint formulation which is specific to Dura Composites’ products and is not available anywhere else in the world! The paint coating – available in all three colours – is formulated with micro-grit, which makes the aluminium boards incredibly slip resistant in all weather conditions whilst maintaining a sleek finish. This makes our metal decking perfect for a range of high-rise applications, such as balconies and roof terraces, where safety is a primary factor for any installer.

Dura Deck Aluminium has a slip potential of 55 in the wet and 62 in the dry – the minimum requirement for ‘low slip potential’ is 36+ meaning that our  deck boards far surpass the required standard and offer phenomenal slip resistance.

Improved loading capacities

Unlike traditional balcony materials, our aluminium decking boards can be easily fitted on top of a metal joist or a flat concrete base, both of which perfectly complement the fireproof decking qualities. If you opt to install our boards on joists, they can have up to 1 metre clear span, reducing the number of joists you need and saving money on your substructure.

What’s more, our metal decking boards are perfect for any retro-fitting projects, being quick and easy to install and offering a range of benefits that will improve the service life of your building. Our balcony decking has a 2 kN per metre point load, far in excess of what is required by the British Loading Standard.

Dura Deck Aluminium

Dura Deck Aluminium gives developers and contractors the ultimate peace of mind when it comes to finding new or replacement balcony decking for applications over 18 metres in height. It also addresses a dire need for improved fire safety on balconies and terraces, especially those in public spaces.

Strong, long-lasting and cost-effective, Dura Deck Aluminium is made from high-grade T6 aluminium and is ideal for any application that requires an A2 Fire Rating in accordance with BS EN13501, such as residential and mixed-use developments, schools, universities, hospitals and libraries, and much more.

The innovative, patent-pending tongue- and-groove design of Dura Deck Aluminium features a double skin with an attractive grooved surface and a uniform underside to prevent water forming below the decking area.

With a 150mm visible face, the decking board boasts an integrated gutter system, channelling water away from your structure to create a beautiful, low maintenance deck and a usable, dry space below, whilst simultaneously creating an attractive integrated soffit detail.

The beautiful plank-look surface features the latest technology and can be installed rapidly as no clips are required. The boards are available in 3 modern colours and span up to 1m (based on stringent 2019 2kN load criteria according to BS 6399-1:1996).

The lightweight 27mm profile means it is ideal for new builds as well as refurbishments where the fire ratings of existing 28mm timber decking are insufficient. The unique surface keeps cool in hot weather and has low slip potential in all directions.

Why Choose Dura Deck Aluminium


  • Class A2 fire rating in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 and UK government guidance
  • Lightweight profile (13.39kg/M2) and 1m span at L/200 deflection
  • Unique double skin surface finish
  • No gaps between the boards for a watertight surface
  • Scratch resistant finish
  • Anti-slip in all directions
  • Hidden fixing channels
  • UV resistant
  • Unique Dual Skin Profile
  • 20 year warranty and 60 year service life
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Unrestricted use at any height – perfect for 18 metres+
  • Cost effective with quick installation times
  • Barefoot friendly, even in hot weather
  • Built-in water channeling to rainwater pipes
  • Doesn’t require treating or painting, just an occasional clean
  • Safe for end users
  • Concealed screw fixing with no need for clips, and no gaps between the planks
  • Colour stable in all environments and weathers
  • Noise cancelling properties and no additional soffit material required
  • Peace of mind for developers and property owners
  • 100% recyclable at the end of use

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike traditional timber materials, our aluminium decking is recyclable at the end of its life cycle, reducing the environmental impact of using it in your project. Furthermore, aluminium lasts far longer than wood or even composite timber, meaning that it won’t have to be replaced or repaired as frequently, further boosting its eco-friendly credentials.



Recessed Galvanised Steel,
Projected Galvanised Steel &
Recessed Concrete Balcony Construction
PLUS Terraces & Walkways Of
All Types Requiring A2 Fire Rating


6063 – T6 Grade Aluminium






Decking Board: 178mm
Visible Face: 150mm Width
Starter Trim: 61.16mm
Finishing Trim: 53.15mm


Decking Board: 2kg/Mt
Starter Trim: 0.84kg/Mt
Finishing Trim: 0.47kg/Mt


2KN Point Load
5KN UDL per M²


1m Based On L/200 Deflection


3 Attractive Colours
Anti-Slip Powder Coating
Warranty Against Colour Peel


+60 Years


Hidden Screw Fix
(no clips required)

Frequently Asked Questions
Does aluminium decking get hot?

No. Due to its unique composition, our aluminium decking boards stay cool even in hot weather, making them a great solution throughout the year. This also means that the boards are barefoot friendly, and safe for children and animals.

Can you use aluminium decking for flooring?

Our metal decking boards are perfect for a variety of applications, both internal and external. While aluminium decking is primarily used for terraces and balconies, it makes a safe, cost-effective option for public spaces and general flooring use.

How to clean aluminium balcony decking?

Aluminium decking doesn’t stain, fade or rot, so will only require minimal cleaning throughout its life cycle. All you’ll need to do in order to keep your balcony decking looking great is give it an occasional wipe or scrub.

How to replace balcony decking?

Our aluminium decking comes with a 20-year warranty and a long service life, so you’ll likely never have to replace it.

What is the life expectancy of aluminium decking?

Our aluminium decking has an expected service life of over 20 years – but under normal residential conditions it will likely last much longer. The best part is that our metal decking boards are recyclable, so they can still be put to good use even if you decide you want something different and choose to replace them.

How many components make up Dura aluminium decking?

Our decking comes with three separate components for easy installation. The innovative tongue-and-groove design means that they slot together with ease, reducing install time and saving costs. Furthermore, our boards are ready to install as soon as they arrive on site.

Aluminium Decking Applications

Due to its lightweight design and hard-wearing composition, Dura Deck Aluminium is perfect for a range of applications.

Specifically, its outstanding fire-resistance and compliance with EU and UK government recommendations mean that it’s great for terraces and balconies on buildings over 18 metres in height. Even if fire safety is not a consideration, they offer a sleek, contemporary finish to any project. Furthermore, with a 60 year service life and low maintenance requirements, Dura Deck Aluminium is perfect for public spaces.

  • Highrise balconies
  • Rooftop terraces
  • Walkways
  • Hotels
  • Pub and restaurant terraces
  • Student accommodation
  • Lorry and trailer beds
  • Stage flooring
  • Commercial flooring
  • Park homes and holiday lodges
  • Schools and universities
  • Hospitals
  • Public buildings

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