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Office Cladding: How to choose the right material

The right external office cladding not only protects your building from the elements, it also plays a significant part in the overall appearance of the building.

In any office building design, the walls are the largest single area of material, so choosing the right siding or cladding that can give your business a professional appearance is paramount. But with a myriad of different cladding options out there from fibre-cement or composite timber to PVC, how do you know what’s best for your design and for the building’s end users?

As well as having an aesthetic influence, your choice of external cladding material will also affect the amount of ongoing maintenance your office building will need.

Wood is commonly used to clad office buildings, but even popular choices such as Cedar can damage easily if knocked. It also requires significant and costly maintenance to keep it looking at its best.

In recent years more durable and highly engineered composite timber or WPC cladding materials such as Dura Cladding have taken the market by storm. They have low lifecycle costs and long-lasting properties.


Protection against the elements

Whereas traditional wood planks require regular painting or staining to preserve their natural beauty and protect them, UV inhibitors can be added to a WPC or composite timber cladding such as Dura Cladding at the point of manufacture to protect against the elements.

Dura Composites’ composite office cladding is produced by combining natural wood flour and high density polyethylene with specially selected additives. A suitable binding agent is also added to create a composite material that looks just like natural wood but that has none of the costly and time consuming maintenance drawbacks. So you’ll never need to paint, treat or re-stain your cladding to keep it looking great.

Dura Cladding is also durable and comes with a warranty for your peace of mind. If your wall cladding is doing the right job, it will not only prevent moisture from getting inside your office building, it will also be resistant to rot, insect and fungal attack.

Thanks to its highly engineered composite timber composition, Dura Cladding is ideal for battling the UK weather. It has a long-lasting finish that needs minimal ongoing maintenance. Dura Composites offers a fantastic warranty and the product has long life cycle thanks to its durable nature.

A cost-effective cladding option that will stand the test of time

Dura Cladding is a high-performance composite cladding that is attractive, strong, and highly durable both during and after installation.

Although WPC cladding can be initially more expensive to purchase than some softwood cladding options, the undeniable benefit is in the overall lifecycle cost. Dura Cladding outperforms the competition with a long year lifecycle and no costly annual maintenance needed.

If the initial outlay cost of your office building cladding is important, you could choose to mix your cladding finishes for a more cost effective option.

Using composite timber Dura Cladding on the front elevation with render on the side elevations can produce dramatic results – a classic wood look cladding finish with all the added benefits of composite timber.

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