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    Article Overview

    The article introduces Dura Deck® Inspire, a luxury porcelain decking alternative with superior durability and safety features. It outlines two fast-fit solutions for installation: the Aluminium Substrate and the Plank Retainer. It underscores the significance of proper installation for prolonged use and safety.

    Suitable Fast-Fit Solutions

    Porcelain decking is a luxury alternative to traditional timber. Our porcelain decking range, Dura Deck® Inspire, replicates the classic aesthetics and natural wood grains of timber decking but boasts a range of structural benefits.

    The planks are strong and resistant to heat and water absorption, with superb anti-slip and anti-scratch properties. Dura Deck® Inspire also has a top-class A1 fire rating. The qualities of the product make it ideal for a range of applications, including high-rise terraces and balconies, as well as podium communal outdoor spaces and waterside areas such as swimming pools.

    So, what should porcelain slabs be laid on? If traditional installation methods aren’t right for your project, or if you’re focusing on completing balcony remediation and refurbishment works, there are two suitable fast-fit solutions: our Aluminium Substrate and our Plank Retainer.

    Aluminium Substrate for Porcelain Slabs

    Our Aluminium Decking Sub-structure and Support System combine A2 fire-rated support pedestals and bearers.

    Dura Bearers are a simple decking substructure solution with a greater strength-to-size ratio than traditional materials, offering a long lifespan. The bearers can be installed directly onto both hard and soft surfaces, but if the ground is sloping or uneven, the bearers must be combined with Dura Pedestal to safely install at a gradient.

    Dura Pedestals work seamlessly with our Dura Bearers and are available in eight different variants. With a single unit construction, the pedestals are quick and easy to unpack and assemble. Visual notches at 5mm intervals are included on each pedestal to ensure your bearers are secured at the correct height for the project.

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    Plank Retainer for Porcelain Slabs

    Our patent-pending plank retainer is designed exclusively for Dura Deck® Inspire, providing a system for installing the planks onto open steel framed balconies. When mechanically fitted in place, the plank retainer system enables a floating decking system to be installed under self-weight.

    The plank retainer system is ideal for high rise applications as it removes the risk of any porcelain planks falling if breakage occurs, and prevents wind uplift. Porcelain decking installed with our plank retainer system can also be easily removed for maintenance.

    Correctly installing your decking is important to ensure longevity and safety. Contact our expert team if you need assistance in selecting the best solution for your needs.

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