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Comments by Jim Burnett:

“When MEP were asked to replace all the pipe-work for the services, we took the opportunity to recommend an alternative duct cover to replace the original concrete material. The idea was to better fulfil key functional criteria: light weight for easy handling and easy access, high load bearing strength, anti-slip surface for all conditions and colour matched to surrounding flooring. Probably the biggest benefit and single biggest reason Dura Slab was specified, was its light weight construction. This allows a 2 person lift and does away with the need for bulky and expensive heavy lifting equipment. The previous concrete duct cover only provided access to the services via manholes which were 10 metres apart. This meant that maintenance teams had to work in a confined space with limited light to reach control valves and carry out burst pipe repairs.”

“The anti-slip flooring will also prove very beneficial when making repairs to glass house damage. The last thing we need is for someone to slip when maneuvering heavy scaffolding along the covers which may cause injury.”

Jim Burnett, MEP Consultants (on behalf of The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh)

Completed Dura Slab installation

Completed Dura Slab installation

Dura Slab used as a Public Walkway

Dura Slab used as a Public Walkway


Original heavyconcrete plank installation


Before Dura Slab Installation

Key Benefits for this application:

  • 5 ton load capacity
  • No lifting equipment required
  • Anti-Slip walking surface
  • Light Weight
  • Covers easily removed for access
  • Fast installation