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Comments by Terry Boardman

“Some of the key advantages of using Dura Slab for our replacement service duct covers relate to better accessibility and its light weight construction. Dura Slab improves Health & Safety in several ways. Previous concrete covers required at least 2 men to lift them and as a result of their significant weight, there was a risk of injury. Now that Dura Slab has been installed, it means that one man can now lift a duct cover by himself and then work on the services without any need for additional man power. This saves money and time and also means that we don’t have any problems carrying out maintenance. The anti-slip surface is also important because the service duct covers are used as pedestrian walkways; the last thing we want is people slipping over due to a slippery surface in wet conditions. Finally, we found that Dura Slab was cheaper than the quote we received for bespoke concrete covers with the special lifting eyes to suit a 2/3 man lift”

Terry Boardman, Civil Project Manager, Intervet UK Limited

Dura Slab GRP Gully Covers

Dura Slab allows easier access due to lightweight design and lifting eyes


Service duct covers double as attractive multi-purpose walkway


Original concrete covers


Dura Slab also suits stair case treads

Key Benefits for this application:

  • 5 ton load capacity
  • No lifting equipment required
  • Anti-Slip walking surface
  • Light Weight
  • Covers easily removed for access
  • Fast installation