Dura Grating Standard 38mm Phenolic

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Dura Composites 38mm Phenolic fire-resistant GRP grating is engineered to withstand prolonged fire exposure without sustaining structural damage. Phenolic grating can achieve maximum fire resistance, low smoke and low toxic fume emissions and is ideal for use in high fire risk areas of buildings or underground tunnels. It is available in a dark russet colour for easy identification on-site.

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38mm Thickness | Panel: 3660mm x 1220mm

Colours: Red/Brown

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Phenolic grating offers superior resistance to flame and high temperatures with low smoke emissions
Phenolic grating is produced in a mould and is available in various mesh thicknesses and panel sizes. The walking surface can be supplied in a natural concave anti-slip finish or angular quartz can be integrally added for superior anti-slip qualities. Phenolic grating produces the most effective method of achieving maximum fire resistance, low smoke and low toxic fume emissions, ablative and low char yield. Phenolic grating is used in high fire risk areas and can be used where exceptional load bearing is required, and also where large uninterrupted spans need to be bridged.

Phenolic fire resistant grating
Phenolic fire resistant grating is the latest and most effective method to achieve maximum fire resistance, low smoke and low toxic fume emissions, ablative and low char yield. Non-flammability enables it to withstand direct flame for an extended period, without sustaining major structural damage. Fire resistance test data is available on request. Phenolic fire resistant grating offers maximum fire protection, especially in working areas such as oil rigs, underground tunnels, rail subways, refineries, ship decks and ship life boat access gangways.

Phenolic GRP / FRP Grating
Phenolic GRP / FRP grating is produced by “pulling” a matrix of phenolic resin and pure glassfibre strands, mats and veils through a heated dye to produce “I” or “T” bar sections of various profiles, thicknesses and depths. The “I” or “T” section bars are then converted into Phenolic GRP / FRP grating by linking the bars together with solid rods equally spaced between “I” or “T” section bars. Phenolic GRP / FRP grating is available in 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 60mm, 75mm and 100mm depths. The “I” or “T” bars can be spaced to provide varying “open” areas to suit specifications.


  • Oil Refineries
  • Underground Mining
  • Oil Rigs
  • Shipping
  • Underground Rail Systems


  • Extreme Fire Resistance
  • Withstands Direct Flame
  • Low Smoke
  • Low Toxic Fume Emissions
  • Retains Structural Integrity