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Dura Platform

Dura Platform complies with Network Rail specifications and offers significant improvements over traditional alternatives such as concrete.

The product has been described as “game changing” by industry insiders and has won multiple awards.

Dura Platform was developed to solve the challenges faced by the Rail industry as a result of station platforms requiring replacement or refurbishment as they reach the end of their service life, often after more than a century of heavy use.

Also known as Fibre Reinforced Plastic or FRP, the material from which Dura Platform is made, allows contractors to replace or overlay onto damaged or subsided platforms a low maintenance, modular light-weight, height adjustable structure that enhances safety with anti-slip surface options, in-built water management, integral lines, integral lighting, snow melting capability and that has similar or lower overall project costs than concrete.

We also supply GRP Platform Access Humps (commonly known as ‘Harrington’ Humps) which can be tailored to suit any platform requirements to provide a safe PTI (passenger train interface) for those with mobility challenges. For more information on our Dura Harrington Level Access Humps call us on +44 1255 440291.

The best anti-slip surface on the market

Dura Platform features our best ever gritted surface which is tested to over 1 million footfalls (in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002+A1:2013) and outperforms all other products in the market when it comes to durability and anti-slip properties. Our unique high specification composition achieves ultra-low slip potential in both wet and dry conditions and what’s more, the slip potential of the surface is proven to reduce by a mere 5% after 1 million footfalls.

Other GRP Station Platform Products

Recognising the requirement for other lightweight, non-conductive and maintenance free GRP products in and around the station, Dura Composites now also offers a range of ancillary products for train stations such as Decorative GRP Dagger Boards, Wall Linings, End of Platform Gates, GRP Fencing and Debris and Trash Screen. All of our GRP Platform Products are faster to install than conventional materials and that offer huge cost lifecyle benefits. For more information on each solution, simply click the images below.


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