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Dura Composites Offers Two GRP Fibreglass Commercial Handrailing Solutions

GRP Dura Fibreglass Handrailing Solutions for the Rail Industry

Our two solutions are Fabrication Handrailing made from our market-leading Dura Profile Components, and Key Clamp Modular Handrailing.

Both allow the installer to benefit from simple construction and have warm-to-the-touch surfaces, are non-sparking, non-corrosive and non-conductive. Either system can be specified in high visibility safety yellow or grey (RAL 7043), colours that will never need painting, staining or galvanising.


Fibreglass Pultruded Profiles

Our Fabrication Handrailing is made from Fibreglass Pultruded Profiles and is ideal for a wealth of applications in the rail industry.

Thanks to its non-conductive, high strength, low weight and low maintenance properties, our Fabrication Handrailing is ideal for the rail industry. Dura Profile can be used to create commercial railing systems for applications such as refuge platforms, embankment staircases, work platforms, and can be used as walkway handrails and guardrails. The GRP handrail components are produced in lightweight fibreglass sections that are easy to transport and handle. Systems can be prefabricated at our Head Office and delivered to site to be installed by on-site personnel using standard hand power tools, saving you time and money. As well as handrails, Dura Profile can also be used to fabricate self-closing or free swinging gates for the ultimate access and safety solution.

For more detailed information on Dura Profile fabrication handrailing and our standard and custom range components, please click here.

GRP Key Clamp Modular Handrailing

Dura Composites’ Fibreglass Key Clamp Modular Handrailing is manufactured using 50mm Top Rail, Mid Rail and Upright Tubular Components.

The use of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) makes GRP Key Clamp Modular Handrailing an ideal alternative to conventional galvanised steel key-clamp handrail systems, which are not suited to electrified rail environments for example, due to their ability to conduct electricity. The Dura Key Clamp handrailing by contrast is non-conductive and non-corrosive and is perfect for protecting and identifying hazardous storage areas, fuel tanks, chemical stores, bunds, high voltage areas, disabled access ramps, railway sidings, platforms and walkway edges.

Our GRP modular handrailing is lightweight and easy to handle and offers low installation and maintenance costs as it never needs painting or galvanising.  Despite its lightweight properties, GRP handrailing offers impressive strength-to-weight and load-bearing performance.

The sections are joined using moulded GRP fittings which are connected to the tube using a M6 stainless steel bolts which are typically supplied with your modular key clamp handrail order. The wide range of connectors in our standard range means that Dura Composites’ modular handrails can be installed quickly and easily in a variety of station and trackside settings. The fibreglass material has no recycle value so offers a much reduced risk of theft versus steel or other materials.


  • Versatile and modular
  • High visibility yellow or grey options available
  • Simple to specify
  • Non-conductive
  • Warm to the touch
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • High strength-to-weight ratio

Dura Composites GRP Modular Key Clamp Handrail Components

GRP Key Clamp Handrail Tube




GRP Key Clamp Base Foot

GRP Key Clamp Kickplate


GRP Key Clamp Top Cover






GRP Key Clamp Elbow


GRP Key Clamp 120° Elbow

GRP Key Clamp 150° Elbow





GRP Key Clamp Adjustable Elbow

GRP Key Clamp 4WayTee 60°

GRP Key Clamp 3WayTee 60°







GRP Key Clamp 4WayTee

GRP Key Clamp 3WayTee

GRP Key Clamp Vertical Multiple (Adjustable)

As well as our standard range colours, our handrailing can be produced in other colours and resins. These are subject to minimum order quantities and extended lead times, so please call us to discuss your requirements at your earliest convenience.

For more information on Dura Composites GRP handrailing for the rail industry please contact us on +44 1255 440291.

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