Parapet Solutions

Rapid Install for Height Adjustment & Increased Safety

Dura Parapets for the Rail Industry

Barriers which form an extension of a wall at the edge of a walkway, bridge or other structure are commonly known as parapets.

In the rail industry, these parapets are often sited on rail bridges or pedestrian footbridges and prevent users from falling off where there is a drop, and can act as an important noise barrier.

Although rail and bridge parapets have traditionally been constructed from structural steel, aluminium, timber and reinforced concrete, these materials often suffer from corrosion or rotting over time – leading to safety concerns, costly on-going maintenance, or the need for complete replacement.

Dura Composites GRP parapet solutions can also be used as an anti-climb barrier to help screen machinery or other hazards from rail personnel and the general public.


GRP Parapet Solutions

Low-Weight and Non-Conductive

Dura Composites GRP Parapet Solutions (Made from Glass Reinforced Plastic Dura Profile Components)

Components can be cut to size on-site using standard power tools, or supplied to site, ready to fix into place to achieve the required parapet height adjustment. The use of our market-leading GRP for parapet adjustments helps rail contractors to achieve substantial savings compared to traditional materials Рthanks to their low-weight, non-conductive and long-lasting fibreglass properties.

Parapet Safety Solutions

Ideal for Rail and Trackside Environments

Parapet Improvements for the Rail Industry

If you need to make parapet safety improvements then Dura Composites can supply a low maintenance GRP solution which requires no painting or staining and will not rot or corrode.

Our parapets are ideal for rail and trackside environments where the parapet height needs increasing for safety reasons, such as because of their proximity to rail lines or rail tracks.

Dura Composites parapet solutions also provide effective screening of overhead electrification works to prevent trespass or accidental injury.

As each project is unique, our skilled staff will help ensure that you specify the most appropriate product for your project. Call us today on +44 1255 440291 to discuss your requirements.

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