Minding The Gap Between Risk & Safety

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Britain’s railways are the safest in the EU thanks to the efforts of all those involved on the network. But with ten station fatalities in 2018/19, there is still much that can be done to reduce risk.

Dura Composites are launching a report looking into safety on the UK rail system, providing a spotlight on efforts by the government, rail operators and manufacturers to increase safety, obtaining insights from industry bodies like Composites UK and British Transport Police.

In this preview to the report, Tom Bowman, Commercial Director at Dura Composites, discusses why unlocking the power of composites holds the key to accelerating improvements to the platform train interface.

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The report will include:

  • Fire safety standards for infrastructure
  • Electrification and its challenges
  • Technology and innovation
  • Collaboration from industry bodies
  • Passenger and worker safety and statistics
  • CP6 and the lifecycle costs of composites
  • Public attitudes towards rail safety
  • Anti-suicide and wellbeing measures

The UK rail system is amongst the safest and most used railway networks in the world, thanks to a number of factors, including advanced health and safety management systems and effective use of technology. However, more progress needs to be made in order to continue this growth, and as such, some £47.9 billion infrastructure funding has been brought forward by the government.

Dura Composites is providing a spotlight on efforts by the government, rail operators and manufacturers to increase safety on the railway for staff and passengers, exploring the progress already made, and more importantly, what still needs to be done and whether the budget for CP6 is being spent to best allow this.

We’ve collaborated with industry bodies such as RIA, Composites UK and British Transport Police to get their insight into the industry.

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