GRP/Steel Hybrid Station Platform Solution

GRP Dura Platform Panels with Steel Substructure

With a vast amount of experience in the rail industry Dura Composites recommends a GRP/Steel hybrid solution for new build platform construction and platform extensions.

The Dura Composites solution for Network Rail standard NR/L3/CIV/030 compliant station platform construction combines the strength of a steel foundation with a Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) Dura Platform surface providing an optimal solution that’s quicker, safer and more cost-effective than other traditional methods.

Using steel foundations gives the hybrid solution the strength it needs, using fewer struts. A reduction in support struts means install time is faster and fewer possessions of the station are needed to install which can result in savings from possessions of up to 42%!

In 2020 the Dura Platform rapid-deployment solution won the coveted Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation in recognition of its commercial success and unique patented features which promote rapid deployment and enhanced passenger safety.

See Our GRP/Steel Hybrid Platform at Robroyston Station, Glasgow

The Best Anti-Slip Surface on the Market

Dura Platform features our best ever gritted surface which is tested to over 1 million footfalls (in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002+A1:2013) and outperforms all other products in the market when it comes to durability and anti-slip properties. Our unique high specification composition achieves ultra-low slip potential in both wet and dry conditions and what’s more, the slip potential of the surface is proven to reduce by a mere 5% after 1 million footfalls.

Core benefits of the Dura Composites GRP/Steel Hybrid Station Platform Solution also include:

120 year design life for the substructure:

  • Specific alloying elements in the steel produce a protective barrier that impedes further access of oxygen, moisture, and pollutants and prevents corrosion.

60 year design life for the GRP platform:

  • Dura Platform is a multi-award-winning design that complies with the Fire Safety Standards set by Network Rail (Network Rail TQ-51_R – Appendix A: Specification & Testing Requirements for GRP).

 Anti-slip performance that leads the market:

  • Dura Platform features our best-ever gritted surface which is tested to over 1 million footfalls and outperforms all other products in the market when it comes to durability and anti-slip properties. The panels are also fully tested and compliant with horizontal and lateral load tests and are UV tested to over 5000 hours to ensure colour stability.

The Dura Composites solution is the largest fully adjustable GRP/Steel Substructure span on the market

  • Combining GRP Dura Platform with a steel trestle substructure means we can offer the largest fully adjustable span on the market, reducing as much as 60% of the footings! Whilst traditional concrete platforms weigh as much as 20,000kgs over a 6 meter span, Dura’s GRP/Steel hybrid is up to 2500kgs or 87.5% lighter – reducing ground work requirements, saving labour cost and improving safety.

The hybrid solution is a very versatile system, capable of working on convex or concave curvatures

  • The Dura Composites GRP/Steel design includes cranked transverse steel beams placed at 1500mm centres to comply with Network Rail standards with an appropriately sized flange to manage panel creep and concave or convex curvature of the platform.
  • Very neat transitions are achievable from old platforms into new platform, with no mastic required on the joints

The GRP/Steel system is futureproof, unlike any other, with scope for upgrading station facilities with easy accessible underground services and integrated cable management

  • Unlike any other system, with Dura Composites GRP/Steel solution the PTI can be easily adjusted at a later date to cater for further subsidence or ballast adjustments or for different rolling stock – all with minimal cost and disruption.
  • Underslung services can be easily introduced in accessible locations with hatch access for simplified M&E maintenance and installation.
  • The Dura Platform hidden fixing system minimises trip hazards, and the platform is also crankable to create an instant 1:40 fall to manage drainage.
  • Dura Platform can also be specified with an integral heating system to keep platforms free of snow and ice in extreme weather conditions which removes the need for cost-intensive snow and ice clearing, whilst at the same time increasing platform safety for station users at the PTI.

Saves time and cost so your resources can be deployed more effectively

  • As Dura Platform can be installed rapidly by skilled contractors, it requires fewer track possessions compared to a conventional re-build approach and allows for work to be carried out at difficult locations where a more traditional approach would be prohibitive.
  • The overall outlay cost is less than a traditional re-build approach, and platform height adjustments can be made quickly and easily to suit the requirements of future train rolling stock.
  • Our expertise ensures we offer unique solutions to the challenges that railway surveys unearth. Our 3D Point Cloud Survey uses laser points to capture existing infrastructure, allowing a seamless integration when modelling old with new. It can be used to establish if planned components could subsequently cause issues for follow on works and can eliminate the need for expensive and inefficient site visits.

Choose Dura Composites to help accelerate improvements to the Platform Train Interface (PTI):


Over the last five years, PTI accidents on the mainline network have resulted in, on average, 1,354 minor injuries, 51.6 major injuries and 3 fatalities per year and have led to the railway developing a PTI strategy for improving safety risk, operational performance and accessibility.

Winner of the Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2020, Dura Platform meets the station design guidance requirements outlined by the Rail Standards Safety Board (RSSB) and provides a safe, anti-slip platform surface that achieves boarding and alighting depths and widths to benefit passengers and mitigate the risk of trips and falls between the train and the platform edge.

BIM Objects available to maximise design efficiency

Dura Composites Dura Platform products are also available in the National Building Information Modelling (BIM) Library, allowing Network Rail and principal contractors to benefit from further design, construction and asset management efficiency savings through reuse of information and a reduction in information handling and rework.

Our Dura Composites BIM Objects allow Network Rail, contractors and specifiers to see up-to-date, accurate data about Dura Composites products and to easily incorporate them into their overall design. Authored to the trusted NBS standard, each BIM Object details the various surface finishes, profiles, sizes and colour options for each product, and provides specifiers and end clients with detailed information on how the products will perform during their expected lifecycle.

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