Dura Platform LED Lighting

Station Platforms Appear Lighter and Brighter

The UK railway is one of the safest in Europe, however the platform edge still remains a place where around 1,500 incidents take place every year, so the need for a platform solution that is designed  to reduce any risk between the platform and train interface (PTI) is key.

Dura Platform is an award-winning precision engineered patented product made from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) which has been designed by Dura Composites to meet with Network Rail specifications.  Dura Platform is available in two thicknesses (Type 40 and Type 100), depending on whether you require an FRP station platform to meet the needs of refurbishment, re-gauging issues, extensions or complete new builds.

The latest composite Dura Platform can be fitted with energy efficient LEDs to the front edge of the coper unit, to help improve visibility of the platform edge and passenger safety.


Incidents at the platform train interface (PTI) account for almost half of the total passenger fatality risk on the mainline railway network. To combat this, the Dura Platform coper panel can be specified to incorporate LED lighting strips directly after the white nosing to help improve visibility of the platform edge and aid passenger safety.  This technology originates from Japan where suicides and other platform edge incidents fell by 85 percent following installation of LED edge lighting on Tokyo’s Yamanote train line in 2009.

The Dura Platform LEDs are available in both single or double lighting strips in white, blue or other colours and are fully recessed so no trip hazard is presented. Other benefits include maintenance savings, low overall running costs and the instant aesthetic impact, with platforms appearing lighter and brighter.

The recessed LED Dura Platform Lighting Strips form part of a flat, uninterrupted walking surface and are now in use at one of the UK’s major hub train stations in South East England. For more details, or for technical information on our recessed station platform lighting, call the Dura Rail Team on +44 1255 440 291.

The mainline railway currently carries nearly 1.6 billion passengers each year. In each journey passengers cross the platform train interface (PTI) at least twice – once while boarding and once while alighting.  It is good practice to highlight hazards such as the platform edge to specific at risk groups, and Dura Platform LED platform lighting can be an effective way to promote passenger safety.

Before Dura Platform Lighting can be considered, it is vital that the services of an electrical engineer are employed to ascertain the spare capacity at the station on a project by project basis. Please ensure your chosen electrical engineer provides a full electrical design to assist you with your site installation whilst Dura Platform is under construction.

Integrated Platform Heating

Dura Platform can also be specified with an under-floor heating system to prevent snow & ice build-up on the platform as an alternative to labour intensive traditional methods of de-icing such as manual sweeping or salting. The heating system can help reduce incidents of passenger slips and falls, but each Dura Platform heating project must be individually designed and approved on a project by project basis.

If you require any further information or support, please call us on +44 (0)1255 440291 or email us at [email protected] and one of our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help.

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