Dura Platform 40

Dura Platform 40 is suitable for overlay and re-gaguing projects, the refurbishment of existing platforms and for extensions to existing platforms to allow for the operation of longer trains on key routes to deliver a higher passenger capacity. Dura Platform 40 is lightweight and easy to install and offers the flexibility of easy adjustments in the future. 

Dura Platform has a fast and unique fixing system with quick installation times. It is capable of being man-handled, eliminating the need for costly RRVs or heavy lifting equipment. Dura Platform’s hidden fixing system minimises trip hazards, and the platform is also crankable to create an instant 1:40 fall to manage drainage.

Dura Platform 40-600

Loading and Deflection Limits

Dura Platform 40 has been designed for the following loads as specified by Dura Composites.

Live Loads, either;

Uniform Load = 5 kN/m2 or

Concentrated Load = 5 kN over 300 x 300mm square

Deflection Limit = span / 300

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