Dura Platform 100

Dura Platform 100 is ideal for heavy duty platform extensions or new build platforms. Manufactured from high quality composite GRP/FRPmaterial, it offers a design life in excess of 60 years. Dura Platform was developed to solve the challenges faced by the Rail industry as a result of station platforms requiring replacement or refurbishment as they reach the end of their service life, often after more than a century of heavy use.

Dura Platform is available in thicknesses of 40 and 100 mm, with Dura Platform 100 spanning up to 3.2m clear span.  Its hidden fixing system minimises trip hazards, and the platform can be specified with anti-slip surfaces to blend into different surroundings.

A typical composite Dura Platform 100 will be assembled from several “Main Panels” and a “Tactile Panel” that contains a recess in the top surface to receive a standard moulded tactile sheet.

The pultruded Dura Platform panels can be assembled either with a constant fall for drainage or with the front panels horizontal and the remainder to a fall. This should enable the system to match closely to a variety of existing platform configurations.

The Dura Platform 100 system has been designed to have standard white and yellow warning lines on the surface. The GRP (FRP) panels are to be supported across their full width at spans as defined below and bolted down to resist uplift at every support.

Loading and Deflection Limits

The platform has been designed for the following loads as specified by Dura Composites.

Live Loads, either;

Uniform Load = 5 kN/m2 or

Concentrated Load = 5 kN over 300 x 300mm square

Deflection Limit = span / 300

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