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GRP Sand Ladders

Perfect for Mud, Snow, Ice and Sand Emergencies

Sand ladders are the perfect piece of kit to keep in your vehicle as they enable maximum traction in slippery conditions such as mud, snow, ice and sand. Light enough to store in your vehicle for emergencies, big enough to get you out of trouble.

Our 38mm thick standard-duty sand ladders are ideal for small vehicles and our heavy-duty 50mm thick bridging or sand ladders are suitable for larger and heavier vehicles. Also known as waffle boards, our helpful grating strips can help with crossing ditches, bridges and gullies, ruts, mud, sand, snow and ice and boggy or sandy ground. They are also popular with horsebox and caravan owners for use as jack pads, and for use as dog car ramps and agility equipment.

We also supply a range of lower duty 4×4 Traction Mats, Parking Grids and Recovery Boards in 22mm and 25mm thicknesses which provide traction under tyres which are stuck in muddy conditions (but which do not require the structural properties of our standard and heavy duty bridging ladders for crossing gaps or ditches).

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