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Dura Deck Aluminium Positive-Drain 18mm Starter Trim

Working hand in hand with your Aluminium Positive-Drain 18mm Deck

Our Positive-Drain clever patented design (Patent No. GB 2584725) allows water to be guided to the gutter and the board features an innovative shadow gap and reeded surface to create the appearance of a traditional deck look.

Dura Deck Aluminium Positive-Drain 18mm has a range of intelligently designed trims and accessories so you can be sure of a simple and efficient way to start, install and finish your aluminium decking balcony or terrace design.

Our Starter Trim creates a solid foundation to start your deck securely, whereas our Finishing Trim is a simple and neat way to terminate the deck.

Our optional extra Closing Trim provides a neat finish to the end of your deck and can also aid water collection.

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