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Dura Deck Aluminium Positive-Drain 18mm in Mist

Dura Deck Aluminium Decking Range

Dura Deck Aluminium Positive-Drain 18mm is a decking profile with an A2 fire rating that meets the latest fire safety requirements for balconies and terraces.

The perfect A2 fire rated decking for new balconies 6sqm+ and all balcony applications, including stacked balconies that require positive drainage, projects that require privacy of a soffit detail and raised terraces, rooftops and walkways. Addressing the dire need for improved fire safety on mid and hi-rise buildings and in public areas.

Spanning up to 1050mm between centres on a 2kN point load, the decking boards feature a unique design which is particularly suited for use on balconies.

With it’s innovative shadow gaps and reeded surface for that traditional deck look and cool to touch finish, this is one of the sleekest aluminum decking products on the market. And it all comes with that reassuring 25 year warranty to give you peace of mind.

The large spans reduce the cost of required balcony steelwork making it 60% quicker to install that traditional methods and the double sided cell construction avoids twisting and warping during transportation and installation

Dura Deck Aluminium Positive-Drain 18mm deck boards meet the requirement for positive drainage, particularly on balconies. Water is guided to a gutter with a floor area of over 6m2 through the clever patented design of our decking board profiles (Patent No. GB 2584725).

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Key features

  • Built-In A2 Fire Rated Soffit

  • Cooler Under Foot

  • Fire Rated Performance

  • Guaranteed Long Term Product Lifecycle

  • Integral Water Management

  • Proven Best-in-Class Slip Resistance

Specifications, Delivery, Returns & Exchanges

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