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Dura Composites Micro Mesh GRP grating features an anti-slip surface with a new finer grit which is ideal for water sports facilities and other recreational areas. The 10.5mm x 10.5mm open mesh prevents virtually all objects from falling through and is suitable for a wide range of footwear and sporting equipment.

The fine grit is also ideal for use in work areas such as refuelling pontoons as it is less abrasive on trailing equipment such as hoses.

d2 Dura Grating Micro Mesh is available in Dark Grey and Teak as standard, with other colours available as special order. Minimum order quantities apply. If your project requires access ramps, 23mm Micro Mesh can be easily combined with other heavy grit products in the range.


Technical information for our Standard Mesh Grating

Depth (mm)Open Hole Size(mm)/Open AreaWeight (kg/m2)Max Span 1.5kn Point Load @ 1% deflection
23mm10.5 / 60%11.5600mm

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Choosing the compatible Fixing for your Dura Micro Mesh Grating

We have exclusively designed a fixing to work seamlessly with the 23mm Micro Mesh. Our Micro Dome comes in a clever Dark Grey colour that blends into the dark grey grating seamlessly for that smooth finish if you’re looking to hide the fixings.

Micro Dome WasherSmall Dome WasherLarge Dome WasherExtra Large Dome WasherUni-Strut ClampChannel Clamp
Micro Mesh 23mm

– Recommended Fixing for Product
– Compatible, for use only with the recommendation from your Dura Representative
– Not Compatible or Recommended

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