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Dura Launches 18mm Fireproof Aluminium Decking

New Dura Deck Aluminium is a patented Aluminium decking system designed for high-rise balconies and public areas that require Class A2 Fire Rating.

Available in two ranges to meet the needs of all project specifications, Dura Deck Aluminium gives developers and contractors the ultimate peace of mind for new and replacement balcony decking and addresses a general need for improved fire safety on balconies, terraces and public buildings.

The latest product in the range is NEW Dura Deck Aluminium Standard Duty (SD) 18mm, which offers fantastic safety for commercial and high-rise projects at a competitive price.

Great Value Aluminium Decking

With its A2 fire rating and superb slip resistance, Dura Deck Aluminium SD has been developed in conjunction with leading glide-on balcony manufacturers and helps reduce labour costs on-site thanks to its unique design.

Spans up to 600mm on a 2kN distributed load

Spanning up to 600mm between supports on a 2kN distributed load to suit the current span requirements of balcony design, the majority of the decking boards can be installed during off-site manufacture, with the remaining boards slid in as the balcony is lifted into place.

Installation Method Allows for Both Watertight & Free-Draining

The innovative Dura Deck Aluminium SD integrates seamlessly with our aluminium joist and pedestal system to meet even the lowest of build-up heights, and our proprietary fixing clip can be used to create either a fully watertight solution, or a free draining balcony installation.

No Ambiguous Fire Testing Certification – Just Clear Results

With its A2fl-s1 Fire Rating, Dura Deck Aluminium has been fire tested to the correct flooring test methodology and installation method on a horizontal plane, for absolute peace of mind. Our experienced team can help you navigate the latest regulatory changes so you can ensure you design out the risk.

Advanced Structural Performance

The lightweight nature of Dura Deck Aluminium reduces the structural load on buildings. The products have undergone stringent testing to guarantee their effectiveness and performance under both point load and crowd loading in accordance with relevant building codes. Our published data meets the requirements of the most recent 2.0kN point load @ 0.5% deflection (L/200) BS 6399-1:1996) standard, rather than the now obsolete 4kn criteria referenced by many others.

If you’d like to talk to the experts in balcony decking, call Dura Composites now on 01255 440298.