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Dura Composites lightweight but high-strength GRP trench covers offer effective protection for cabling and infrastructure used by telecoms and data networks. Cables are protected against accidental damage or vandalism whilst remaining easy to access when maintenance or future upgrade is required.

One of the most important properties that makes Glass Reinforced Polymer suitable for the telecommunication industry is that it is neither magnetic nor electrically conductive, making it safe to use around power cables and other live sources of electricity and because it it is for the most part transparent to radio waves, cellular frequencies, and other forms of electromagnetic signals.

We also fabricate and supply GRP access ladders and structures which are warm to the touch, strong, robust and chemically resistant. For more information, see the Services section of our website.

We can also support providers of GRP enclosures, housings or kiosks with the supply of GRP fibreglass screening solutions to help secure the perimeters of key areas, whilst preserving visual inspection and ventilation.

Our Telecoms Case Studies

Sorry we do not have any Telecoms Case Studies at the moment.

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