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We are a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of lightweight but high strength flooring panels for high footfall pedestrian areas. Made from high-performance Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) our unique range of pultruded and moulded flooring panels are ideal for transitional stadium seating areas, concourses, walkways and bridge decks.

  • Extensive range of flooring for demountable, semi-permanent and permanent seating areas.
  • A durable alternative to traditional materials such as plywood.
  • Designed to integrate with the most popular seating module systems.
  • High volumes available from stock, plus the ability to design and develop bespoke products with custom tooling.
  • In-house load testing and simulations, plus Finite Element Analysis.
  • Fabrication services including aluminium edge profiles.
  • Specialised CNC machining services.


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Seating Areas

Our customers require flexible seating solutions that allow for faster seat reconfigurations between events. We have supplied a range of GRP flooring solutions for large scale venues which comply with the required standards for weight, loading and safety.

Our most popular solution for seating areas is our 40mm GRP Dura Slab which is lightweight for easy handling during installation but has a high load bearing strength. Movement to and from seats presents an area of significant risk in a stadium environment, however Dura’s GRP flooring has a robust anti-slip surface that returns an ultra-low slip potential test result in all directions, in both wet and dry conditions.

Concourse Areas

Due to the high number of visitors at each venue and the need to facilitate a wide range of different sporting and leisure events, concourse areas need to be durable, anti-slip and easy to navigate, as they provide a critical meeting point for foot traffic from multiple directions.

The image below shows our light grey GRP Dura Slab panels installed in a concourse area at a major London stadium venue. Capable of handling extremely high levels of foot traffic, the pultruded panels come in a range of different thicknesses which can be cut or shaped to accept the client’s preferred substrate and fixing method.

Putting GRP to the Test for Stadium Environments

Our latest GRP innovations are purpose-designed for the stadium and arena market and our products are able to meet a range of stringent testing criteria. If you have a project which requires technical support with specific parameters for seating areas, landing, concourses or decks, we have a comprehensive range of testing information available to ensure maximum safety for your project. Key tests vary by product type, but can include:

  • Fire Testing to BS476 Part 7 Class 1
  • Fire Testing to EN13501 Bfl-S1
  • Anti-Slip Testing
  • Flare Resistance
  • Point Load Live Tests
  • Pre & Post Flare Test Exposure
  • Hot Nut Test to BS4790
  • FEA Design Analysis

Case Studies

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Product Guide

Stadium & Arena Flooring


Our Industrial Team

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