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GRP Glass Reinforced Polymer is a strong and versatile material with an incredible weight-to-strength ratio which results in lower construction and development costs versus other materials such as metals.

Dura Composites material expertise and design capability allows us to produce long lasting, high quality products for customers in the aquaculture, fisheries and sustainable seafood farming sectors.

With a design life in excess of 25 years, our d2 Dura Grating mesh flooring panels feature a gritted surface which has been tested to over 1 million footfalls (in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002+A1:2013). It outperforms all other marine walkway products when it comes to durability and anti-slip properties and offers a superb low maintenance lifecycle which is ideal for aquaculture environments.

The dark grey colour provides the perfect contrast to the high visibility safety yellow handrailing which Dura Composites can also supply and aids accessibility for hatchery or fish farm personnel whilst minimising the need for future maintenance thanks to its extensive design life. The superior corrosion resistance of the GRP products make them suitable for freshwater and coastal environments.

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