Leisure Applications

Eco-friendly and modern deck that provides a stylish slip-resistant surface.

Clubhouse areas

The social life of any Yacht Club or Marina revolves around the Clubhouse, so having the right decking area for people to congregate on and enjoy their surroundings is crucial. Dura Composites offers an attractive range of composite timber decking for Clubhouses with excellent anti-slip properties in all weathers, so your guests can appreciate the marine landscape whatever the weather. With excellent colour stability and no need to re-paint year after year, our Ultra Deck is a great alternative to softwood or hardwood decking.


For a promenade that makes a statement, choose our composite Ultra Deck decking boards. Available in widths from 146mm to 295mm in a range of colours, our decking has an exceptional natural wood look but with none of the costly maintenance. Also known as WPC decking, Dura Composites Ultra Deck is made from a high performance composite timber and is a great choice for promenades. The decking planks are also available in solid section profiles for areas of heavy foot traffic so you don’t need to compromise to get the look you want.


If you’re building a boardwalk through a wetland or similar waterside environment, composite timber Ultra Deck can offer a range of benefits over traditional timber decking materials. Whilst they may look attractive immediately after installation, standard timber for commercial boardwalks are highly prone to decay and warping and can prove hazardous to foot traffic. By contrast, composite timber decking from Dura Composites is designed for the future, has superb anti-slip properties and requires no time-consuming re-painting or treating.


Hardwood has traditionally been the material of choice when it comes to building a decked terrace area, but recent years have seen ‘manufactured’ wood plastic composite timber grow in popularity among professional terrace deck builders who recognise the benefits of their low maintenance properties and extended lifecycle. Although the initial installation price for a composite terrace will be more than wood, the actual cost over time is a good deal closer. That’s because composite timber has superb weather resistance, a long service life and the lowest possible maintenance requirements.

Eating areas

As well as our composite timber decking range, you may also want to consider our PVC decking product the Type 140 as a great option for decked eating areas. Available in two great colours (Coffee and Slate Grey) it offers an attractive low maintenance option with fantastic anti-slip properties and no gaps between the boards for food scraps to collect in, creating a professional, uniform look. As well as eating areas it’s also popular with leisure parks, holiday complexes, terraces, and balconies and has a hard-wearing scratch resistant surface.


Ultra Deck composite timber pontoon decking is built to last. The boards add character and style and help to create areas of timeless beauty. With over 20 years in the marine industry, Dura Composites are renowned for supplying high quality, wide span, WPC marina decking products in various sizes to suit specific contracts. We are committed to providing professional pontoon builders and marina operators with practical products manufactured from polyethylene based resins and reclaimed hardwood, and finished with an attractive, hard-wearing anti-slip finish. Ultra Deck eliminates rot, algae growth, discolouration, and significantly reduces the risk of slipping in wet conditions.


The beautiful traditional appearance of wood, a long lifespan and 10 year warranty make Ultra Deck the natural choice for new or replacement decking. Ultra Deck is incredibly strong, and can span up to 600mm, (the standard timber board joist span used by the majority of pier and pontoon builders). Every Ultra Deck board is fully reversible, with either a grooved, a smooth sanded or embossed design finish, depending on your requirements and personal preference. Available in widths from 146mm to 295mm the boards also benefit from our unique subsurface fixings so they remain barefoot friendly for both people and wildlife.

Gangways and Ramps

If you are involved in the design or manufacture of custom ramps and gangways for marine environments and are looking for a wooden decking surface, you may want to consider the benefits of Dura Composites composite timber decking. Unlike traditional timber decking which becomes hazardous when wet and can suffer from water retention and slippery algae build up, our Ultra Deck decking has excellent anti-slip properties and is made from a high-performance composite which won’t rot and doesn’t require annual painting or re-staining.

Balcony decking

For marine or waterside properties with balconies, it’s important to choose a decking solution that’s built to last. Ultra Deck from Dura Composites is a contemporary decking solution made from a mix of recycled hardwood and plastic and is available in four great colours – Oak, Ash, Teak and Charcoal. Ultra Deck also benefits from excellent below surface fixing systems, so no screws or nails need to go through the decking surface itself, resulting in an attractive balcony deck that’s barefoot friendly.

Smoking areas

The introduction of the UK indoor smoking ban in 2007 has led to vast improvements in the provision of outdoor spaces for marinas, yacht clubs and other waterside buildings. Smoking areas and smoking shelters require an all-weather decking solution that is free from trip hazards and can be easily maintained to preserve its appearance. Our Ultra Deck WPC decking doesn’t need any staining or painting and after installation only needs basic cleaning by pressure washing to restore its original appearance. Furthermore, Ultra Deck doesn’t suffer from warping or rotting, is UV Certified to ISO 4892-2 and will survive even the harshest of marine climates.

Public areas

Our timber composite decking is made from up to 87% recycled hardwood and plastics, and is available as Forest Stewardship Council® Certified, demonstrating Dura Composites’ commitment to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill. Available with a 10 year warranty when installed according to our extensive technical guidance, Ultra Deck is a great choice for public areas and is also available in solid profile sections for areas of heavy traffic and for use on stair cases leading to decking areas.