Flood Defence Barrier Systems

Fixed or demountable fibreglass flood defence barriers for domestic and industrial applications

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The impact of climate change and the growing demands on our land masses have all led to an increased risk of flooding – which can be devastating for both commercial and domestic properties. According to the UK Environment Agency there has been at least one major flood every year in the UK since 1998.

The Dura Composites range of flood defence products are made from high-strength and low-weight pultruded Fibreglass which offers excellent chemical resistance is robust, lightweight and easy to transport.

We can supply both demountable and permanent flood defences for virtually any scenario; from surface water flash floods to deep water flooding, to help keep critical infrastructure and services running during instances of flooding.

Flood Barriers suitable for commercial and beach property

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Demountable (Temporary) Flood Wall Barriers:

Dura Composites’ DEMOUNTABLE defence barriers are comprised of removable GRP posts reinforced with a steel I-beam and our market-leading Dura Slab high strength Fibreglass panels which can be easily erected in the event of a predicted flood situation, then dismantled and stored away when the flood danger has passed. Demountable flood defences are ideal for scenarios where a permanent defence is unacceptable for reasons of visual intrusion or loss of amenity.

The DEMOUNTABLE flood solution is far more effective than traditional flood prevention methods such as sandbags, which can only be scaled generally to a height of 0.5m, require considerable effort to deploy and often prove ineffective.

Flood Defence products are manufactured from Pultruded Fibreglass profiles

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Permanent solid floodwalls and embankments

The construction of floodwalls and embankments has been the traditional way of protecting low-lying communities and coastal communities against flooding. All flood defence structures must be managed and maintained to ensure that they remain serviceable throughout their operating lives, making  Fibreglass (GRP) a great choice as the product boasts excellent resistance to the impact of saltwater and chemicals and requires virtually no maintenance throughout its long lifecycle.

UK flood defences are commonly up to 1.2 metres high, utilising modular boards of 600 mm high.

The bespoke nature of permanent flood barriers means that they are flexible enough to be used in domestic, commercial or public sector environments.

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When used as marine and coastal sea defence walls, the Fibreglass (GRP) post and wall panels can be erected quickly and efficiently without the need for heavy lifting equipment, making them particularly suited to the construction methods needed for tidal environments.

Each flood defence wall panel measure 100 mm thickness x 600 mm depth x by up to 3.6 m long and cut to size according to specifications


  • High Strength
  • Low Weight
  • Non-Conductive
  • Fire Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • 60 Yr. Expected Lifespan
  • Suitable for Harsh Environments

Ideal for Manual Handling




In extreme cases where additional lateral strength is required, pultruded fibreglass (GRP) “U” section profiles can be fitted to the top wall panels.

In addition, further lateral strength can be achieved by inserting a fibreglass (GRP) “H” section profile at the position where wall panels meet, increasing panel deflection figures.

At the base of the flood defence wall where the base panel meets the ground a fibreglass (GRP) “H” section profile can be fitted which would further increase lateral stiffness.

In the lower side of the ”H” section channel a neoprene foam gasket can be inserted to reduce water leakage between the bottom panel and the ground.

Each flood defence wall panel measure 100 mm thickness x 600 mm depth x up to 3.6 m long

The Dura Composites flood defence systems have been developed and engineered as a relatively quick and convenient method of protecting property to provide a barrier that can be easily erected in the event of a flood and also dismantled when the danger has passed.

Our demountable flood defence systems have been designed to provide the same levels of protection as permanent flood barriers, but with the advantage of being removable when not required.

A 24/7 Flood Defence Barrier manufacturing process ensures production meets demand

Pultruded Flood Defence panels are manufactured by combining various resins with pure glassfibre reinforcement. They are formed and cured in a continuous process creating a product of extraordinary strength and resilience. The resultant flood defence offers a combination of benefits and mechanical properties exceeding those of metal. Weighing up to 80% less than steel and concrete, the matrial offers equivalent performance for considerably less weight. This results in major weight savings and lower installation and servicing removal costs due to more economical transportation, handling and on site positioning. The high strength to weight ratio has particular relevance for many applications in the structural Flood Defence industry.

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